2012 Pocket Cameras That Will Perform Reliably

In today’s modern world, many types of different cameras are appearing almost every week. Film and digital cameras are being created all the time. Depending upon what you are looking for, you can spend a lot of money, or not too much on your next camera. There are professional quality cameras with interchangeable lenses. Of course, point and shoot cameras are also available. You can take highly sophisticated photos with some of the smallest cameras that are available today. Choosing the right camera is the hard part. Do you know what you want? In the following paragraphs, we will go over which camera would be your best choice, in regard to features and cost.

The first thing to consider is the weight of the camera. People today really don’t understand how heavy a point-and-shoot pocket camera can actually be. The actual weight is due to the amount of instrumentation within the camera itself. In many cases, compact pocket cameras are extremely heavy, especially in comparison to DSLR. You can ascertain the weight of the camera simply lifting it and putting it in your hands. It is important to not have something so heavy that it will actually pull your pants down once you pocket it. If you really want to take great pictures, you need to use a light durable camera. Test out the cameras, if you are able, before you buy them. You may have a service in your area that actually rents cameras. You can also simply go to an electronics or camera store and play with the cameras that are on display. Given the small size of pocket cameras, there may be certain qualities that there is no room for. Another potential drawback is the minor size of the buttons; which may be hard to operate. Those who have bigger hands may a harder time with these functions. Because you work for your earnings; be sure to check out the camera before laying out your money.

You might want to look at the Olympus Tough TG-310. It’s really tough! Taking pictures, 10 feet below the surface of the water, is possible with this camera. Shockproof from a 5 foot drop as well. This camera is freeze proof, all the way down to 14?F. It also has a decent performance in low light, which is rare for a pocket camera. There are some drawbacks – no external battery charger, and it cannot zoom when taking videos. If you are unable to charge your camera, and you are going on a long trip, this can be quite a hassle. But at the same time for a camera that you just want to toss in your bag “just in case” you can’t do much better than this one. When it comes time to get serious about which camera you’re going to buy, you need to step up your research. We’ve talked about some cameras and criteria here. Keep doing research so you’ll have more information to help you make the correct decision when it’s time to purchase your 2012 pocket camera.

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