A Couple Of Reasons That Your Playstation 2 Is A Much Better Choice Than The Playstation 3

Do you notice that everyone keeps wanting the newest video games, this especially goes for your kids. The first video gaming system I actually owned was the Atari 2600 and I even now have that model. I remember when I 1st received it on Christmas, and I wasted every waking hour actively playing those games. But the truth be told many of us tell our children all the time to quit playing those games and go outside the house to get fresh air. Then needless to say after we tell them to go outdoors we will still end up getting them the newest game anyway. But one thing you should consider is the playstation 2 for anyone who doesn’t have a video game system yet.

The first thing you should know is that the playstation 2 is much less expensive when compared with the playstation 3. For about $100, you will be able to get this from Amazon and they will even ship it to you at no cost. The price of the ps3 is $300, that is a whole lot more cash. This isn’t to say that there is anything wrong with the playstation 3, actually it can even play your DVD’s, even so an extra $200 to me doesn’t seem worth it.

I have heard people claim that there are no new video game titles that are produced for the ps2. The truth is that Sony is still making new video games for this player, just not as many as they do for their ps3. The games themselves also cost less than the ps3, as the ps3 games sell for up to $60, the particular game titles for the ps2 can be acquired for about $10. Which means that for the same selling price of one ps3 game you can get about 5 ps2 video game titles.

You will probably find out that there are hundreds of video game titles for the ps2, but mainly because they are older your kids may have already played them. With any luck your kids will not wish to play the games as much and might head outdoors to play. This is a thing that might or might not happen, but it is worth a try if it can get your kids outside the house. Once you think about it, if you were to be playing the exact same game time and time again you will get bored. But undoubtedly you will end up getting them new games every so often but you will not be paying a fortune for them, like I said before you can get them for around $10.

These are simply a handful of reasons that the playstation 2 is a better option than the playstation 3. When the ps3 first came out on the market, I went out and got one however I sold it soon after. The ps2 is good for what I use it for and most people feel the same way. You can find the playstation 2 in some stores but they may cost more than if you order it from amazon. If you want to get the very best price tag on the console and the video game titles you should check it out on Amazon.

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