A Review Of Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method: The Complete Edition DVD For Training and Self-Defense

Back in 1974, four books that served as introductory books on Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do were printed. The books would be considered somewhat cursory by today’s standards, but they were quite ground breaking during their time. Two of these books, Self-Defense and Basic Training, are the basis of the Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method: The Complete Edition DVD. In the DVD, two of Bruce Lee’s original students (Richard Bustillo and Ted Wong) are showcased. Visually, the DVD edition does an excellent job of conveying the contents of the two books.

Obviously, it’s recommended to read the print copies of the two books. Nevertheless, photos don’t really properly convey the techniques being taught. Between static pictures and moving images, the latter win without a doubt. That is why the DVD adaptation of the books are recommended. With the DVD, it is possible to become familiar with the techniques taught in the book as you can watch Bruce Lee’s original students present the various techniques. Although you will not master the art from watching the DVD, you’ll have a valuable learning resource available which can add to your ability to master the art.

Basic Training addresses warm-ups and exercises which aren’t at all hard to do. These can help you maximize your training sessions. Jeet Kune Do basics are also dealt with in this part of the DVD. The On-Guard (fighting) position, footwork, and basic defense and offense are only a handful of the Jeet Kune Do basics that you’ll learn. In essence, you can regard this as an overview of Jeet Kune Do. On the flip side, the Self Defense section of the DVD focuses on commonplace Jeet Kune Do defensive and offensive moves that are especially useful when you face a hostile attacker or you end up attacked on the streets. If you’ve always wanted to apply Bruce Lee’s martial art in a self-defense scenario, you are going to appreciate the simple moves taught in this section.

This DVD has got great narration. The narrator clearly tells what’s occurring as you watch the DVD so you are not going to feel you’re missing out on anything crucial. Regarding its production values, they are top-notch for this DVD. Numerous training videos on martial arts are made so terribly. The Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method DVD is of high quality, though. Its producer, Black Belt Magazine, actually spent good money on making certain this training video didn’t turn out looking substandard like all the others. What do production values have to do with the success of an instructional video? Everything! The directions on a video won’t be communicated properly if the video has weak production values. The video and sound quality of this video is first class. You will not need to worry about it undermining the material’s presentation.

Serious martial artists shouldn’t go without at least watching Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method: The Complete Edition DVD one time. You’ll gain great insights into the art of Bruce Lee and also learn a lot of practical information on proper training and basic self-defense.

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