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If you are anything like us, you love technology and gadgets.  After all, can you imagine life without an iPhone, no internet to surf, or not having a HDTV?

We can’t imagine it either!  When our gadgets work well, we fall in love with them. It’s like magic. And we can’t wait to tell our friends about our latest discovery.

Of course, you’ve also experienced the dark side of technology. . .

The digital camera with tiny buttons and cryptic menus.

Computers with a mind of their own. Printers that don’t print.

We started GreatTechGadgets.com to share with you products we like (even love) and those we’d avoid like the plague.  Good thing, there are more great gadgets than ever! Our job is to help you sort through it all.

Even the best products may have their drawbacks, so we always try to present the pros and cons to give you a balanced and hopefully, an objective product review.  At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide if the latest tech gadget is right for you.

Who, What & Where?

Frankly, GreatTechGadgets.com is a hobby. A passion. Above all, a labor of love. The guys (and occasional gal) who work on this website have full-time jobs, which is also the reason, we’re not throwing our names out on the net.  Our employers might not like our moonlighting. :)

However, we are real and based right in the heart of the high-tech world, the San Francisco Bay Area. So, we do know what we’re taking about and hope to share our excitement with you.

How We Make Money

So, you’re here at GreatTechGadgets.com researching the latest and greatest. Let’s say you find a gadget you really like, you’ve read the reviews, and see that Amazon.com has the lowest price. Now, you click the link from our site over to Amazon and buy that great gadget.

Congratulations! In just a couple of days, a box from Amazon will be on your doorstep and before you know it, you’ll be playing with your great, new gadget!

Did you know that Amazon.com can pay us a referral fee when you visit their site and buy something?  It’s not a bad thing or anything sneaky.  In fact, you still get the same low price as always.  Amazon.com pays us out of their profits.

Talk about a win-win! You found a great tech gadget by reading our website. We earned a little money by pointing you to Amazon.com.  This money helps us pay for web hosting, get reviews written, and just maybe, go out for drinks after work.

GreatTechGadgets.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

What Did Shakespeare Say About Laywers?

Of course, in today’s world even hobby websites need to have pages of legal disclosure.  So check out the following:

Phew! You still here?  Good!  Maybe our laywer went a little overboard.  Its OK.  Better to say too much, than too little.  We hate shady websites as much as you do.  You know the ones- they don’t tell you anything and just try to make a quick buck anyway they can.

Tell Us What You Think

Here’s the bottom line– we hope you enjoy GreatTechGadgets.com and come back to visit.  We’ll work hard to put up quality content, such as product reviews, tech trends and general thoughts about gadgets.

To make this all worthwhile, feel free to comment on an article or drop us a line…

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