An Unbiased Review Of The Humminbird 161 Combo 4-Inch Waterproof Marine GPS Plus Chartplotter

Providing a reliable nautical GPS with extra features suitable for fishing was a predictable move years ago. You could already utilize one if you take pleasure in fishing from a boat. Under the appropriate conditions, a GPS device with chart plotting features gives you a distinct lead. These devices entirely make a days fishing much more proficient and productive, as well. Simply guessing the place of the fish is not very precise. Thus in this commentary we will share our assessment of the Humminbird 161 Marine GPS.

This tool, the Humminbird 161, supplies maximum function for the fishing aficionado. With combining a fish finder with a GPS in addition to chart plotter, it meets all your requirements. An added advantage of combining these systems is the savings in space. What you will uncover is a 16 channel GPS receiver having a resolution of four nautical miles. You can get added power with the Humminbird 161 for more advanced applications if you like. The fish finder ability makes use of a sonar beam with a twenty degree spread.

The sonar is intended to provide extended pattern coverage while preserving ample definition. The result is a target separation resolution of 2.5 inches as deep as 600 feet. You are able to in addition monitor your jigs as deep as 40 feet by the Sonar Echo Enhancement.

16 shades of gray make the four inch, high contrast screen a delight to utilize in any conditions. The LCD monitor needless to say was designed for enough visibility throughout sunny days. The screen even has a backlight alternative to make it comfortable to see in darker conditions. The 8X display zoom is a great advantage when you wish to be sure of the details. The zooming ability is what you want to differentiate fish from surrounding obstacles. A rapid release mount is integrated with the Humminbird 161. You can swivel and tilt the mount for top viewing angle under various conditions. You can put in the mount in-dash or as a gimbal mount.

For its database, the Humminbird 161 uses the UniMap of the US by way of 750 points. There are in addition twenty routes with 10 tracks containing two thousand points each. You will possess a map of US rivers, select areas in coastal regions as well as inland lakes. Naturally the Humminbird 161 is a water-proof built design with full gaskets for maximum protection. The unit arrives complete with operation guidebook, transducer along with necessary mounting hardware.

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