Apple Lighting Dock Connector begins shipping + MORE iPhone News 10/08/2012

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The new iPod Touch was one of the more unexpected announcements during Apple’s iPhone 5 event. It was a given that Apple would refresh the iPod Touch, but the extent in which the company upgraded the device was a pleasant surprise. The iPod Touch was penciled in for an October launch, but we now might have an idea of when in October we can expect it.
A report from Today’s iPhone found Apple accidentally revealing the ship date for the new iPod Touch last week. The company’s Australian store listed the ship date for the new iPod Touch and the iPad Nano to be shipping in three weeks time…

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Apple starts shipping Lightning to 30-pin adapters

According to a report in MacRumors, Apple is starting to ship pre-orders of its Lightning to 30-pin adapter. Apple is supposedly sending out shipping notifications with October 9 delivery dates to Australian customers who pre-ordered the adapter. The adapter will arrive two weeks after the iPhone 5 went on sale and almost four weeks after pre-orders started.

Apple’s iPhone 5 and new iPod touch ship with a new 8-pin Lightning port that is not compatible with the 30-pin connector used by all iPhone, iPod touch and iPad accessories to date…

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Apple Lighting Dock Connector begins shippingApple’s Lightning Adapter for the iPhone 5 has begun to ship, with the dongle – that allows older Dock Connector accessories and chargers to be hooked up to the new smartphone – finally headed out to buyers. Shoppers in Australia have received shipping notifications that the Lighting to 30-pin Adapter is on its way, MacRumors reports, though Apple’s online store still only lists a vague “October” for a shipping estimate.

Without the dongle, those coming to the iPhone 5 from an existing iOS device aren’t able to use any accessories they may have acquired along the way…

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Problems with Apple's Maps have helped third-party developers

I was wondering if the range of issues with iOS 6’s Maps app caused a spike the sale of paid 3rd party navigation apps.

The answer appears to be yes. I talked with Johan-Till Broer, who represents Garmin and its subsidiary Navigon, to see if the brouhaha over Maps — which, with its new turn-by-turn and voice navigation features, was seen by some developers as a threat — has actually boosted attention and uptake of these apps.

“We definitely saw an increase in sales for our navigation apps over the last couple of weeks due to the recent interest in map and navigation apps for the iPhone…

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Bend me, shape me: Une Bobine review and giveaway
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Bend me, shape me: Une Bobine review and giveaway

Back in May, I wrote about the remarkable story of an iPhone accessory that went from zero to 1000 percent funded on Kickstarter in just 19 days. Well, that accessory — Une Bobine (US$30) — is in full production now, and you have a chance to win one for either your iPhone or Android phone.

If you didn’t read the original post, Une Bobine (Italian French for “a coil”) is the brainchild of Jon Fawcett and the other designers at (Fuse)Chicken. After my original post was written, the Kickstarter went even crazier — the team originally asked for $9,800 and received a total of over $212,000 in funding…

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