Apple offered licensing deal to Samsung, wanted $30 per phone + MORE iPhone News 08/12/2012

Here’s the latest update on the Apple iPhone and the smartphone market. Hope you enjoy this iPhone article round up from these leading news sites.
driSuit endurance case: Take your iPhone swimming

During the opening ceremonies for the 2012 London Olympic Games, the number of athletes using iPhones to take photos and video during the “march of nations” was staggering. Who knows? When the 2016 Summer Games start up in Rio de Janeiro, the swimmers might be using their iPhones in the pools during their post-race celebrations if they pick up the driSuit endurance waterproof case for iPhone 4 and 4S (US$59.95).


In the past I’ve looked at several waterproof iPhone cases, with the most successful at this point probably being the LifeProof cases…

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Apple offered licensing deal to Samsung, wanted $30 per phoneApple and Samsung may currently be duking it out in the court room, but a freshly-surfaced Apple presentation from 2010 shows that the iPhone maker tried to strike a licensing deal with Samsung long before the jury became involved. Apple, as many of you already know, is taking Samsung to court over allegedly copying the iPhone in its own devices, but this new presentation shows that Apple tried to resolve the dispute by offering to license its patents to Samsung. Given the fact that Apple is currently suing Samsung for $2…

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SPOT Connect helps your iPhone rescue you via satellite

Cellphones are pretty good for calling 911, or letting your family know where you are, but if you get in trouble off the grid things can go wrong in a hurry. Coverage is far from universal, especially in rural or wilderness areas.

The folks at SPOT, a satellite service company, have a handy solution that lets your iPhone connect to a global satellite network through the SPOT hardware. Along with a dedicated app, the SPOT Connect transmitter can get your distress message out, along with your exact location anywhere in the world…

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