Apple’s Rumored iPad Mini Sure Doesn’t Sound Like Apple + MORE iPad News 07/06/2012

Some more news on the iPad for you right here. The tablet is evolving rapidly, so here are the latest developments.
Apple has had an amazing run of successes: iPod, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad. Next on Apple’s release schedule, if rumors are to be believed, may be an “iPad Mini,” a 7-inch version of the popular tablet. Would such a device extend Apple’s mobile dominance – or end the company’s winning streak?
The smaller iPad might be available by the end of the year, according to unnamed sources within the company, quoted by Bloomberg.
It is easy to imagine what the product would look like…

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GameDock would turn your iPhone into a retro gaming station

Gaming is obviously a big deal on iOS, but traditional gamers generally want something that the iPhone and the iPad don’t provide: Buttons. Gaming on a touchscreen works in many cases, but for some games and some genres, you need a d-pad and some buttons to press. We’ve already seen some popular third party solutions to that problem (including the uber popular iCade), and here comes another one, in the form of a Kickstarter project called the GameDock.

The GameDock is still seeking funding, which makes it still just an idea at this point…

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Remember when Amazon was just an online bookstore? Man, those were the days. Palm and Handspring were making PDAs, email was finally catching on, and most of us still had to call the internet from our home phone lines. A lot has changed since then, and Amazon is a whole lot more than “the world’s largest bookstore” these days. They basically invented the e-reader market a few years back, and when Apple tried to take it away from them with the iPad, they responded with the Kindle Fire…

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It seems that Chinese companies absolutely love to sue Apple. After settling with Proview over the iPad name for $60 million, a chemical company named Xuebao, whose name translates to Snow Leopard, sued Apple over the name for their operating system. A third company has now stepped up to sue the company over its voice assistant, Siri.
The company in question is named Shanghai Zhi Zhen Internet Technlogy. They have filed suit in a Shanghai court over Siri which they say infringes upon their patent…

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