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CMS Commander is a online software for managing a large number of websites from a single control panel. The service allows you to control all your websites administrative features through a secure connection, making it unnecessary to log into each of your sites admin panels to do repetitive and mundane tasks like updating plugins or approving comments.

  • Save time by managing all your WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and phpBB websites simultaneously – update all your plugins with a single click, quickly publish new articles on any of your sites, no need to fiddle around with lots of admin login passwords anymore!
  • Create better content by utilizing CMS Commanders various autopostingfeatures – insert related videos or images into the articles you are writing, produce a big number of automatic threads including replies to start of a brand new and empty looking forum and much more…
  • Make more money by including related affiliate products in your articles, bulk editing all your posts and adding affiliate ads and more monetization options. CMS Commander already supports several huge affiliate networks like Linkshare, Commission Junction and Amazon and more will be added soon!

A single CMS Commander account can even contain websites built with different softwares at the same time and thus you can manage all your sites in the same breath, no matter on what foundation they are built. Currently CMS Commander supports:

  • WordPress Management – remotely control sites built with the popular blogging software.
  • Joomla Management – manage and modify websites using the famous Joomla CMS.
  • Drupal Management – control all sites using slick and friendly Drupal CMS software.
  • phpBB Management – remote control for internet forums built with the popular and free phpBB software.

Besides the large range of website network management features CMS Commander also provides several different tools for automatic content retrieval to help you monetize your websites better and enhance the content you are producing.

  • Use a large array of APIs supported by CMS Commander to fetch affiliate products, videos, related images, news and many other types of interesting content and include it in your websites.
  • Use the bulk posting features of CMS Commander, which contain many new and innovative ideas to make automatic content more effective.
  • Import PLR articles and CSV datafeeds from your computer and transform them to content that can be used on your websites with ease!

Last but not least, CMS Commander is secure! You don’t have to enter any sensitive data into CMS Commander and a constant SSL connection between the software and your site ensures that no one can intercept data or get access to your site.

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