Considering the iPad mini as a developer + MORE iPhone News 08/18/2012

Some exciting news just broke about Apple and the latest iPhone. Read below for the details and links to other recent articles!
Daily iPhone App: Audio Xciter brings joy to your ears

Aphex, formerly Aphex Systems, has been around for over 35 years and is well-known in music circles for its audio enhancement technology. The company recently moved beyond the recording studio with a new mobile app that brings Aphex’s signal processing technology to the iPhone.

Audio Xciter is a standalone app that serves as an alternative to the stock music player. When you launch the Audio Xciter app for the first time, it scans your iTunes library and organizes the tracks by playlist, artist, song, album and more…

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Considering the iPad mini as a developer
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Considering the iPad mini as a developer
I give up. An “iPad mini” seems to be a good possibility despite my protestations. Many Apple watchers expect to see a small iPad being announced sometime Fall-ish. Although I’m somewhat convinced that I’ve wandered into a figment of John Martellaro’s imagination, it’s worth thinking through the possibilities.

Resolution and Aspect

When considering the possibility of a longer, thinner iPhone 5 (the “new” iPhone) and an iPad mini, a developer’s mind wanders towards resolution and aspect issues…

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EPL Holdings sues Apple over playback tech in QuickTime, iPhone

According to a report on Patently Apple, Apple is facing yet another patent lawsuit. This latest suit was filed by EPL Holdings, LLC and accuses Apple of infringing on two patents governing audio and video playback.

EPL, formerly Enounce, claims company founder Donald J. Hejna Jr. met with Tony Fadell, the former senior Vice President of Apple’s iPod division, in January, 2002. The two sides discussed EPL’s playback technology, which lets users speed up and slow down tracks. EPL entered into a four-year non-disclosure agreement with Apple and shared information about its technology with the Cupertino company…

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Exogear's Exovolt Plus: The stackable external battery pack arrives

There are a ton of external battery packs for iPhones and iPads. I remember the good old days when it seemed like the only packs available were little blobs that you’d plug into the bottom of an iPhone to keep it going for a few more hours. Now everybody and their brother-in-law has an external battery pack in their line, so it’s nice to see one that’s completely different from the rest of the pack. It’s the Exogear Exovolt Plus, which has the distinction of being a stackable battery pack. Read on — we’re going to give away some goodies to one lucky TUAW reader…

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SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: August 17, 2012Friday has come and gone, which means that the weekend is here once again. The latest iPhone 5 rumors have propelled Apple’s stock to its highest point ever, and it turns out the company’s funds will go toward helping tap a recently-discovered underground river in Crook County, Oregon. Earlier today we saw a picture of what was reported to be the Samsung Galaxy Note II, but later on in the day Daniel YU informed everyone that it was just his mock-up used without his permission. That’s disappointing, but his mock-up looks great, so be sure to check that out…

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