DeskPets’ CarBot is a little iOS-controlled car + MORE iPhone News 10/12/2012

More iPhone news and updates!  A round up of the latest Apple iPhone articles from around the net.
Study: Apple Maps not affecting iPhone 5 demand

ChangeWave Research and 451 Research surveyed 4,270 North American consumers in September 2012 and found that 32 percent were somewhat likely (13 percent) or very likely (19 percent) to buy an iPhone 5 despite the recent negative press, says a report in AppleInsider.

Most consumers are apparently shrugging off any issues with the iPhone 5. ChangeWave’s vice president of Research Dr. Paul Carton said,

“Despite the media attention surrounding both the Apple Maps issue and the Apple Lightning port issue, neither has had an impact on the massive numbers of buyers queuing up to buy the iPhone 5…

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DeskPets' CarBot is a little iOS-controlled car

The Parrot Quadricopter is probably the coolest thing you can control with your iPhone, but not all of us are willing to shell out $300 for a fully equipped airborne vehicle. For the rest of us, however, a company named DeskPets has released CarBot, a much more affordable (under $30) little four-wheeled vehicle, easily controlled with a free iPhone app. The company kindly sent TUAW a unit to test, and I ran the little robot through its paces, using my iPhone 5 to control the little guy around my Los Angeles apartment…

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Apple quietly turns on iOS 6 iPhone advert trackingApple has quietly enabled a mobile ads tracking system in iOS 6, with unique per-device identifiers that provide advertisers with more user information than ever before. Having blocked developers from using UDID codes – device-specific codes that could be monitored to see if adverts led to app downloads – Apple replaced the unofficial functionality with an official version, IFA/IFDA (Identifier For Advertising) that comes automatically set active, Business Insider reports.

Unlike UDID numbers, which are assigned to the device and cannot be changed, IFA codes are designed to be ephemeral…

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Linn Kiko takes AirPlay up a levelLinn might not be the first name you associate with iPhone and iPad streaming, but the Scottish company is hoping that change all that with its “budget” Kiko media streamer. “Budget” for Linn means £2,500, mind (the company’s hand-made kit usually comes in at around $70k) though you do get a fair amount for your money: while the Kiko system will play nicely with Apple’s AirPlay, Linn has also custom built its own streaming hardware complete with audio upsampling whether you’re listening to music on a phone or tablet, through Spotify or Netflix, or from your games console or Blu-ray player…

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Apple Inks Licensing Deal With Swiss Federal Railways for Clock Icon

Shortly after Apple released iOS 6 last month, Switzerland’s Federal Railways service accused Apple of copying its iconic clock design and said it would push for “a legal, as well as a financial solution.”
Now, just three weeks later, Apple has apparently given into pressure and signed a licensing agreement with the Swiss company in order to continue using the clock icon on its mobile devices.
“The Swiss Federal Railways SBB and Apple have reached an agreement on the use of the SBB station clock on devices like iPad and iPhone,” the company said in a press release (translated through Google…

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