Acer Aspire One Review: The Right Notebook for You?

Acer Aspire One ReviewThe Acer Aspire One Notebook could be the right choice for you if you want a unit that is trim and will allow you the access to do all the various things necessary online. The Aspire One provides you with the proficiency of a computer while staying within a tight budget. Let us consider a few of the positives verses the negatives with this undersized computer.

For someone looking for a second or backup computer, the Aspire One may be the ideal choice. Even if you customarily work on your primary pc, there are times you would prefer a model with more flexibility. If you usually use your lap or desktop, but occasionally need something a little more lightweight, this notebook may be just what you need. With smart phones on the forefront affording the ability to conduct most computing on them, a notebook such as the Aspire One should suffice.

If you’re looking for a computer that has a variety of colors and designs, the Acer Aspire One may be the computer to suit your needs. Although this computer costs a couple hundred dollars less than most other notebooks, it still looks great.

Apparently using smart phones as a guideline, Acer’s Happy line of computers come in vivid colors named after a variety of fruits. The top of the screen cover, as well as the area around the LCD is glossy plastic, which gives the whole machine a bright look which some people like, but may be annoying to those who prefer a darker or more traditional look. The appearance of the Aspire One has led many people to believe that Acer is making this computer to be more like a smart phone.

You’ll have everything you need in a travel light design to stay connected on the go, enjoy more of your media and tackle your everyday demands with ease.

acer aspire one colors

Taking a glance at the Aspire One in its entirety and given the various aspects and the expense, it is a good buy. The main disadvantage of this computer is the restricted battery life. This notebook is powered by a three cell battery which is not as efficient as some of the other Acer notebooks. There are batteries that have the ability to hold a charge up to nine hours, this one maybe only three hours. If you only need to use it for short sessions, or if you can use an AC adapter to plug in the computer while you’re using it, this won’t be a problem for you.

If you’re looking for a great bargain, the Acer Aspire One will provide you with everything you need at an affordable price. Those are looking for a bargain notebook, that is slightly bigger and more convenient to use than their smartphone for checking their e-mail, this unit will work just fine.

If you do a lot of traveling, and are never home, the Aspire One will be a wonderful choice for you in regard to size and overall cost.

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  1. Owen Keystone says:

    Acer wasn’t at the top of my list, but this review helps alot. My quest for the right netbook is over. Good luck!

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