Finding Free eReader Books Legally

Whether you’re thinking about buying an eReader, or already have one, it goes without saying that you’ll want to save as much money as possible on new eBooks. The good news is that free eReader books do exist, and there are many legal ways to find them.

Remember, many free eBooks exist because they’re out of copyright, which means that they’re classics from the past. But browse a few websites and you may also find some more modern surprises.

Official eBook Reader Stores

The first place to start looking for free eReader books is official eBook stores, like the Amazon Kindle Store. These are the easiest places to download free books, as you can do so right from your reading device. The Amazon Store and Apple iBook Store both list their top 100 free eBooks on the main store page.

Note that it’s also well worth looking at the paid eBooks on those stores, as you can find many for under a dollar. A number of self-published authors are keen to get their work out there for a low price!

Online Collections of Free eReader Books

When you’ve exhausted the free eBooks of the main eBook stores then here are a few other resources you may want to check out:

1) Project Gutenberg: This website is the most famous, and has thousands of free eBooks available to download in a variety of eReader formats.

2) Google Books: If you’re looking for classic books, Google Books is a good place to start. Google also run their eBook Store in the US for a greater selection of eBooks, both free and paid.

3) This isn’t just a resource for free eReader books – though it has many, organized by category – it’s a whole resource where you can chat with other avid readers. They will often make announcements here when Amazon launches new devices or when there are new free eBooks added to the store.

Borrow eBooks From Friends

All eBooks that you buy from stores such as Amazon will be protected, making it difficult to share them with friends. The good news, however, is that some eBook readers let you lend out books for a limited period of time. You’ll have to check the particular book and your device to make sure this is possible.

Borrow eBooks From Digital Libraries

Lastly, don’t forget your local library! Although they’re famous for physical books, many are now offering free eReader books to members. They may or may not be available for your particular eBook reading device, but most users can at least access the books through their computers.

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