Flipboard for Android officially released + MORE iPad News 06/22/2012

Here’s the latest update on the Apple iPad and the tablet market. Hope you enjoy this iPad article round up from these leading news sites.
This Between-the-Sheets Fan May Be the Best Thing You Sleep With All Summer [Daily Desired]

It is hot hot hot right now. So hot, in fact, while I was hanging out on the roof this afternoon, my iPad overheated and flashed the “Temperature!” warning screen. More »

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Microsoft dove headfirst into the hardware business this week with its new flagship Surface tablets. Competition drives innovation, and now four of the biggest tech companies – Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft – have different takes on the touchscreen. Eliot and Jon discussed the implications in this week’s RWW hangout.

Here are links to the posts and topics we talked about:

[Video] Surface vs. iPad: Microsoft’s Getting Rusty At Stealing from Apple
Microsoft Reveals A Family of Super-Thin Tablets Called Surface
[Video] 3 Reasons Microsoft’s Windows Surface Tablet Just Might Succeed
New Chromebook & Chromebox Are Good Enough to Grab Minds & Market Share
Chrome On a Tablet? New Video Emerges

We hang out at 11:00 a…

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Flipboard for Android officially releasedFlipboard for Android has officially been released, hitting the Play Store after several weeks of leaky exclusivity on Samsung’s Galaxy S III. The socially-enabled news reader app pulls in content from RSS, Facebook and Twitter, and – thanks to a deal announced this week – adds Google+ to that list. Meanwhile, an update for iPhone and iPad brings Google+ sync to iOS too.

Samsung had originally inked a deal with Flipboard’s developers to make the app an exclusive to the Korean company’s new flagship…

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Australian court fines Apple $2.27 million over '4G iPad' claims

It’s a good thing Apple has that huge cash reserve, as the company is going to have to fork over a lot of money Down Under for “deliberately” misleading Australians about the 4G capabilities of the new iPad.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) brought an action against Apple, saying that the company misled Australians by advertising new iPad connectivity with 4G networks in Australia. An Australian Federal Court judge agreed with the ACCC and as a result of the settlement, Apple will pay AUS$2…

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Bloomberg: Microsoft Surface Will Be WiFi Only [Rumors]

Microsoft’s new Surface tablet looks like it could give the iPad stiff competition—but according to Bloomberg it won’t be matching Apple’s offering on every front. Their sources suggest that, initially at least, the Surface will only feature WiFi, and no option for a mobile data connection. More »

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Daily iPad App: Band Together represents some excellent student work

I first got to meet Dave Taylor last week at WWDC — he’s one of the original members of id software, and is responsible in part for classic games like Quake, Doom, and Wolfenstein 3D. These days, he’s still working as a game producer, but has also taken on the role of teacher.

Last night, I visited Jim Henson Studios here in Los Angeles, and saw Dave speak for a few minutes about a class he taught last year in San Francisco, in which he tasked students with producing a game a week, in order to get used to the often rapid development cycle in game production today…

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Huffington Post Puts a Subscription Magazine on the iPad NewsstandAt a swanky launch party last week, Huffington Post unveiled a new iPad-only magazine called simply Huffington. It’s a new outlet with a new business model, an upscale departure from the loud, lewd, unavoidably popular website. The click-driven, sensational approach was burying HuffPo’s serious journalistic efforts, so it’s trying a new tack: a premium Newsstand app for the iPad demographic.

The weekly magazine mixes short news stories and three long-form features in each issue…

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SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: June 21, 2012Happy Thursday, everyone. How is your week going? Summer is now here, but we’re still getting flooded with technology news. It never stops, so let’s get right to it. For starters, we have this – Android 4.1 Jelly Bean headed for Google I/O. Moving onto gaming news – Nintendo Miiverse will not connect to other social networks. And in the world of mobile news – The Nokia 808 PureView has landed.

Featured: In our category of featured articles, we have a story that takes a critical look at the iPad and Microsoft Surface – no, not a critical look at the two products, but rather at the comparisons that everyone is expectedly making between the two…

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