For People Who Used To Love To Play Pinball You May Also Like The Pinball Magic For IPhone And IPod Touch Unit

Loads of people used to love playing pinball and this was actually one of the greatest games that you could play in an arcade mainly because the game could go on forever. If you used to love playing pinball such as I did you were probably upset when the arcades closed and the particular pinball machines started vanishing. Although the old fashioned games are now gone you’re going to find that if you genuinely want to play pinball you do have an alternative in relation to doing this. For individuals who have an iPod touch or even an iPhone you are going to find the you can make use of these along with another product called the Pinball Magic for iPhone and iPod Touch product to play pinball once more.

The product itself in fact looks like one of the traditional pinball machines, but because this is built for your iPod or iPhone you are going to discover that this is actually a much smaller unit. Connecting the two products together is really very simple, all you are going to have to do is connect the 30 pin connector and you are ready to go. With regards to using the controllers on this product you are going to see that they are just about placed in the same positions as one of the old classic pinball machines. You are going to find that there are obviously the flipper buttons, also the credits/select button, but the best part is that it has a ball launching plunger.

Although it isn’t going to have the traditional scorekeeper board at the top of the machine, you’re going to discover that there are rotating lights that still give you an arcade type feel. You are in addition going to find that you are able to in fact fold up the legs on this device and take it with you, in case you want to bring it to a friend’s house to show it off. The traditional pinball machines which you would discover in the arcades would actually have a tilt function on it, and you are going to discover that this machine in addition has the same function available.

Although there haven’t been many reviews concerning this product as of yet, you’re going to discover that out of the five reviews on Amazon, three of these folks have given it the highest rating possible. This product has an overall rating of four out of five stars which is a thing that is impressive even though there are only five reviews.

Loads of you are probably wondering just how much this item costs and I ought to point out that if you purchase this pinball machine from Amazon you can pick it up for $32.95. One more thing I should point out about this product is that if you do order it from Amazon they’re not going to charge you extra for shipping this to your home as they take care of these fees. If you miss the good old days of playing pinball, you may very well want to take a look at the Pinball Magic for iPhone and iPod Touch game.

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