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The Nintendo Wii was one of the earliest game stations that was designed to get the user up and moving in order to interact with the games. This triggered a movement towards more active gaming, and led to the creation of other motion gaming systems. The big three available now are the Wii, the Xbox 360 Kinnet and the Playstation Move.

Wii is still going strong, despite being the earliest of the active game systems. There are a large number of games available for players of all ages and all levels of skill, and there are now numerous add ons. These include steppers, steering wheels, rifles or hand guns, and the nunchuck-which is used as an auxiliary controller that must be plugged into the main remote.

Most of the controls are used merely for game play, but some are part of a suite of fitness tools. These are designed to get the user not only up and moving, but exercising too. The software can offer nutritional advice, telling the user how long they must do a certain exercise for in order to burn off the calories that they have just consumed. The Wii system is not wired but uses a fairly simple wireless interface that doesn’t require too much space in order to use it.

The Playstation move uses a wand in a similar way to the Wii. The biggest difference with Move is that it was sold as an add on to an existing system, rather than being a system in its own right. Though it was hailed as a revolution when it was released, it did not require a revolutionary gaming system along with its associated price tag in order to buy and to play. This made it a far cheaper option than the Wii.

It also differs in that the tracking is done by a stationary camera-that watches for the movement of a lit globe at the front of your wand. This could potentially be a little distracting, but allows for a high degree of tracking precision. Additionally, Move has an inbuilt Blu-Ray player, can stream TV shows through the Hulu service, and movies through a Netflix subscription. It also boasts 3D graphics.

In a similar way to Move being an add on for the Playstation, the Kinnect system is an add on to the Xbox 360 system. Though there are packages being sold of both the controller and the game system, it is possible to buy just the controller on its own, making it a lot cheaper than having to start afresh. It also means that you can continue playing your old-non Kinnect games on the system, when using the regular controls. The Kinnect is the really revolutionary system of the three, in that it uses no controllers at all. Instead it translates your body movements into game commands.

Though the Kinnect is still in its infancy, the number of software titles available for the three different systems continues to increase, as do the add ons. With three major motion gaming systems now available, the competition will be fierce this Christmas!


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  2. Sally Jacobs says:

    Action gaming? The end of couch potatoes?

    My kids just call it fun … I just smile and don’t tell them it’s exercise. Is that bad?

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