Google Play reaches 700,000 Android apps + MORE iPhone News 10/30/2012

Here’s the latest update on the Apple iPhone and the smartphone market. Hope you enjoy this iPhone article round up from these leading news sites.
Google Play reaches 700,000 Android appsApple’s iTunes App Store has hundreds of thousands of apps to choose, and it’s one of the company’s main selling points for the iPhone and iPad. However, according to Bloomberg, Google said yesterday that they have closed in on the 700,000 mark for the number of Android apps in the Google Play store, which is right up there with the iTunes App Store.

Google has been working hard to lure developers into developing more apps for Android devices, and the company is making a push for better tablet apps, something that Apple has had an edge on ever since the company released the iPad in 2010…

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It looks like we’ve found former UC Davis Campus Police Lieutenant John Pike‘s new favorite iPhone case.
As smartphones become even more ubiquitous in our society, it’s becoming more likely that you’ll be walking down the street with your mobile device in your hand, rather than your keys. With this in mind, one company has decided to move personal protection from your keyring to your iPhone.
Pepper spray. Yes, that satanic blast of habanero pepper that will set anyone’s mucus membranes on fire is now available on your Apple device…

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ReadWrite DeathWatch: Feature PhonesIf it’s not a smartphone, it’s dumb. Despite current global dominance, basic “feature phones” will give up the ghost in just a few years.

The Basics
After the Blackberry and then the iPhone created the “smartphone” category, we needed to call the rest of our cellphones something, and “dumbphones” sounded, well, dumb. Thus was born the “feature phone.”
While some initially viewed feature phones as an in-between category describing something more than a basic mobile device and less than a full-powered smartphone, the term has generally come to represent everything south of the portable computer-as-cellphone Apple/Android/Windows/Blackberry kinds of devices that get all the media attention…

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The new version of Google’s Search app for iOS is available in the App Store, and it’s a good thing, too. This app now offers Google’s version of the Star Trek computer.  Just speak a question in natural language, and Google will reply immediately with the answer.
Google submitted this update to Apple in early August. It showed a demo on August 9 that blew my mind. The speed and accuracy of this app’s answers — which, of course, Android users are already used to — shows just how much Apple users are missing out due to Apple’s insistence on bypassing Google with Siri…

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