GPS Accessories – How Do You Know What To Choose?

If you’re about to make a new GPS purchase, then you’ll want to also check-out all the extras you’ll be needing. So many systems these days are meant to be portable and so they require mounting devices, carrying cases, power cords and, well, whatever else you can think of to jazz up or personalize your system. When you’re comparing accessories, the differences will become obvious. The way some can be used will appeal to you more than others will, plus the quality of some will be higher. How can you compare features, quality, and cost between them? Well, we decided to do that for you, and we shopped around the net. Keep reading to see what we discovered.

You can find carrying cases everywhere, and the selection is mind-boggling. The first decision is whether or not you prefer the soft shell variety or the hard shell cases. Some models are made with more than one pocket for the little things. The size and scope of your carrying case is going to vary depending on your needs. If you travel a lot you should spring for the larger and more extensive case. Something like that will be a good idea because you won’t have GPS gear tucked away here and there. The opposite situation is just mainly local travel in which case (no pun intended) you can get by with a smaller design.

Seriously, every GPS unit needs a carrying case no matter what. You can spend a year looking at all the cases available, however, one highly popular case used by many is the Lowepro 4.3 Navi Shield GPS Case, and it can be seen at Amazon’s store. At $15.00 or less it’s really quite a good deal; that’s the current price when we wrote this. This case is hard-shell so that is a potential big plus for protection. Also, it’s a smart idea of them to put padding on the inside to help keep your GPS safe. Like all good cases, there is extra room for some other items like a charging unit and memory cards, plus it’s small so it will fit nicely in small storage spaces.

For the international traveler you will definitely be in need of an adapter for international power requirements. This is especially handy for people who use their GPS systems to guide them on walking tours of international countries and cities. Imagine being in a foreign country, your GPS needs charging, but you don’t have an adaptor to use. You might want to invest in a few of these, especially in case you are someone who easily loses things.

When you purchase a GPS, you should look into the extras because some are truly feature rich. There are lots of ways you will be better off due to the accessories on the market. GPS is not just for drivers of cars anymore. People who love to walk and ride a cycle use them. People who like to exercise also use them for practical reasons. And as you well know from your own experiences (and this article), that the world of GPS accessories is full of disparity and differences. We hope to have shed some light on this subject, and that you are in a better position to make the best choice for you.

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