How apps are helping small business save money + MORE iPhone News 08/21/2012

More iPhone news and updates!  A round up of the latest Apple iPhone articles from around the net.

How apps are helping small business save money
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How apps are helping small business save money

During its keynote presentations, Apple often showcases how educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies are using the iPad and iPhone. Many people don’t realize that small businesses are also benefiting from Apple’s iOS devices. A report in USA Today sheds some light on how small business owners are using the iPad to increase productivity and save some cash.

It’s the iPad’s portability and its robust App Store that make the tablet so attractive to businesses. With only a few thousand dollars, a small business can arm several employees with iPads so they can conduct business on the go…

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iPhone 5 mini dock appears in new shell photosThis afternoon the folks at iResQ have snapped a few photos of what appears to be the back shell of the next-generation iPhone ready for release next month by Apple. This device appears to be essentially the same thickness as the previous generation iPhone 4/4S, but a major change appears in the bottom end of the smartphone’s final build. Here it appears that a new generation of Apple mobile products may be born in a dock connector that is essentially 1/4 the size of the original 30-pin “iPod dock”…

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Fleksy is an alternate text input tool for the visually impaired

Fleksy is an interesting take on alternate text input for the iPhone. Designed for those whose eyesight is bad or nonexistent, Fleksy records the taps on the screen and makes a guess based on your patterns. It then says the word, enabling you to quickly construct sentences without even looking at the screen. Does it work? Absolutely it does, and as proof I found it was far more accurate when I didn’t look at the screen than when I tried to type quickly while looking at the “keys.”

Fleksy is simple enough, with a text area up top and modified keyboard below…

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