How to Fix a Wet Mobile Phone

The mobile phone has changed a lot of things for humans in the way they communicate, how they access information and how they consume entertainment. They have become complicated machines, full of miniaturized parts, as powerful as the computers of a few years back. Though they are incredibly powerful, they can also be very susceptible to damage. Mobile phones hold a lot of our personal information and for some it can be very damaging to lose it, or to have it stolen, or damaged. Wherever we go, the mobile phone is with us, close by and ready to be used.

Since we use it so much, there is also a big chance that eventually we will do something that has the potential of damaging it. We might drop it on the ground, or we might spill a glass of water or beer on it. In cases like this, it’s important to know already how to act in order to make sure it’s not damaged, and to minimize the chance that it’s going to be destroyed and the information lost. As soon as it becomes wet, you should start doing a few things that will insure that you recover it. If you don’t do the right things, you might need to take it to be repaired, or you might have to just throw it away because it’s useless.

The problem with phones that get wet is that a short circuit can appear while it functions. In order to make sure that doesn’t happen, you need to turn off the phone immediately. If you do that in time, there is a good chance you will be able to fix the phone.

The first thing to do, is to take out the phone from the water or the liquid. The fastest you can do this, the better. Next is the step to save its battery, by removing the back cover and removing it. You should be able to avoid battery damage if you act fast.

Next, shake the phone a bit, to remove as much of the water from it as possible. Use paper towels to dry the phone further.

Remove the SIM card of the phone as well. Even if the phone is lost, you should still be able to recover a bit of information, at least what was saved on the SIM.

The use of paper towels might not be enough. You should also use desiccant gel packs, placed on top of the phone, or you could put the phone in a rice bowl. In both cases, the method allows you to take the moisture out of the phone. Use this technique for a couple of hours.

You should also try to use a vacuum cleaner, around 10 cm away from your mobile phone. It might just prove useful in your efforts to remove the humidity from it.

Finally, before you turn the phone back on, you should leave it be for a while. At a minimum you should leave it to dry for a few hours, but ideally it should be one or two days.

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