Huffington’s Quick Leap From Pay Wall + MORE iPad News 08/07/2012

Some exciting news just broke about Apple and the latest iPad. Read below for the details and links to other recent articles!
Log your social life with Hazel, Day One and IFTTT

TUAW’s own Brett Terpstra has created a new tool called Slogger to help you log your online social life. Slogger, a shortened name for social logger, pulls down updates from your Twitter account, grabs posts from your RSS feeds, gathers links to your daily Github Gists and saves your playlists and loved tracks for the day. It also uses IFTTT along with Hazel to grab new images from Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook. All this information in then stored in Day One, a journaling app available on the Mac, iPad and iPhone…

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Mat Honan details the Amazon and Apple security flaws that let hackers wipe his MacBook

Late Friday, Wired writer Mat Honan ran into a digital buzzsaw as his iCloud, Gmail and Twitter accounts were compromised in rapid succession. The hackers did a tremendous amount of collateral damage along the way, spewing racist and homophobic tweets on Honan’s account plus the Gizmodo Twitter account (linked to his). Worse, they proceeded to wipe all the data from his iPhone, iPad and his Mac laptop via Find My iPhone and Find My Mac.

Honan has now posted the first in a series of articles on Wired detailing what happened, and how the hackers were able to take advantage of critical bits of exposed information on different services to get into his accounts…

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The Missing Mona Lisa: hidden object gaming for iPad

I’m a huge fan of hidden object games, and have played many over the years. They offer engaging challenges of finding objects in cluttered scenarios. The very best of these (the I Spy series from TOPICS Entertainment and distributed by Scholastic, in my opinion) switch things up with visual puns and clever riddles.

New to iPad, the Missing Mona Lisa HD (US$3.99) represents one of the latest entries in this genre. With high quality graphics, and carefully designed tutorials, Mona Lisa is aimed at a kid audience…

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Sloppy slates not iPad envy fueled Samsung refund rushOne of the damning arguments used against Samsung in its trial against Apple was the return rate of the Samsung Galaxy Tab range to Best Buy stores. The high return rates were supposedly attributed to customers mistaking the tablets for iPads, although new survey information from Best Buy conducted by Samsung shows that it might not quite be that simple. Samsung conducted a survey across 30 Best Buy stores across the United States in 2011 that showed the most popular reason for return was a high malfunction rate…

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Huffington's Quick Leap From Pay WallPublishers looking to tablets for salvation may have been disheartened last week. Huffington, the iPad-based magazine from The Huffington Post, axed the dollar-per-issue price tag adorning its digital newsstand, offering each issue to readers for free. But publishers shouldn’t toss their pay-wall plan just yet. People will pay.
On one hand, most readers familiar with the Huffington Post brand never dreamed they’d have to pay for its content through any means other than ad impressions…

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Undercover 5: the best way to secure and recover a stolen Mac

A few years ago I wrote about Orbicule’s Undercover 4 software. Undercover lets you remotely track and monitor a missing Mac, and can even help you recover your stolen gear. Given the Mac security issues in the news over the last few days, it’s worthwhile reviewing some best practices to help keep your Mac as secure as it can be. That’s why I’m happy to tell you that Orbicule has come out with a brand new version of its security and recovery software: Undercover 5.

Undercover is sometimes compared to iCloud’s Find My iPhone/iPad/Mac feature…

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SiriusXM On Demand for iOS now availableIt looks like SiriusXM is ready to start providing its content in a way people will be more receptive to, today announcing the launch of SiriusXM On Demand. The company says that over 200 shows and 2,000 hours of content will be available from its network on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Better yet, the app will be available at no extra cost to existing SiriusXM subscribers, so if you happen to miss your favourite show while on the road, you can fire up the app and listen later without worrying about the costs…

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