In The Following Paragraphs We Are Going To Be Looking At The Pyle PLDNV78I Car Stereo And GPS System

Loads of men and women nowadays have a GPS System inside their car but there are still far more people that have not purchased one yet, but they do want one. In fact you are going to find that most of the new vehicles that are hitting the market come complete with a GPS System already installed in them. Usually when you purchase one of these products for an older type vehicle you are going to find that they come with a suction cup that you need to use to be able to attach this to your windshield. There’s a new item on the market that will take the place of your normal stereo system which includes a GPS System and it is the Pyle PLDNV78I Car Stereo And GPS System.

Not only is this device going to offer you touchscreen technology but the screen itself is really 7 inches in size offering you a wide screen display. Something else that’s worth mentioning about the GPS System that comes with this product is the fact that it not only contains maps for the United States but in addition maps for Canada and Mexico as well. One more thing worth mentioning about this specific product is that it is an in-dash system, this means, no running wires or mounting this somewhere in your car or truck.

The stereo system that comes with this device is additionally something worth mentioning as most car stereos will merely have an AM FM stereo with a CD player. The point that this has blue tooth technology built in is something else that is definitely worth mentioning mainly because this is a great feature for any car. I am certain a large number of of you already realize this but I would like to point it out anyway, and that’s the point that you will be able to talk hands free utilizing this technology in this item.

Something which will surprise you relating to this product is that it actually plays DVD’s, making this a function that you’re not going to find in the majority of stereo systems available on the market. Keep in mind that actually attempting to watch a movie while you’re driving is something that can be extremely dangerous, and the ought to be avoided. This is however an excellent way to pass the time if you end up having to sit in your car waiting for somebody, which happens a lot more than most people think.

You can order this device for just over $310 through Amazon, obviously that is assuming that this is a thing that you would in fact like to purchase and save cash simultaneously. The actual retail price of this device is $708, meaning that by ordering it from Amazon you are going to be able to be saving almost $400 off the retail price.

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