iPad Mini rear shell spotted in the wild + MORE iPad News 08/05/2012

Some more news on the iPad for you right here. The tablet is evolving rapidly, so here are the latest developments.
SonicPics lets you easily create narrated slideshows on iOS

SonicPics is an intriguing US $2.99 app that allows you to make a slide presentation and then narrate it, all on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. That’s quite a lot of functionality that usually takes a lot more hardware.

Take your photos off your camera roll and select them inside SonicPics. Get them in the order you want. Then hit the record button and start narrating. You swipe to the next picture to control the sync. You can swap images around, but then you have to re-do the narration.

When you are satisfied, the presentation needs to be rendered, and then it can be emailed, saved to your camera roll, or uploaded to YouTube…

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Hacked iCloud password leads to nightmare (updated)

Updated. Former Gizmodo writer Mat Honan is having a pretty bad day. As you can read on his Tumblr post (not to mention elsewhere), hackers compromised his iCloud account. They used that access to reset his iCloud password, reset his Gmail password, gain control of his Twitter account (which in turn gave them access to Gizmodo’s Twitter feed and 400K followers) and generally wreak mayhem.

Unfortunately, Honan’s iCloud account was tied to his iPhone and iPad, which both had Find my iPhone/iPad turned on…

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Apple vs. Samsung: Trial roundup
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Apple vs. Samsung: Trial roundup

Under normal circumstances, the proceedings of a patent trial would be about as exciting as watching grass grow on TV, picture-in-picture, while paint dries on the main channel. However, Apple versus Samsung has been surprisingly fascinating so far, but less so for the legal wranglings than for the information surfacing during the trial. Evidence and testimony presented during the trial is giving us unexpected insights into Apple’s inner workings.

By now you’ve probably already seen the very early iPad and iPhone prototypes that were published last week and the giant iPad prototype from a week earlier yet…

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Updated DODOcase for iPad is colorful, stronger, and could be yours

Since the first TUAW review of the DODOcase iPad case back in May of 2010, many TUAW bloggers and readers have fallen in love with the book-like folio case that revitalized the bookbinding industry in San Francisco and started a popular accessory category. The company has just finished a major redesign of the wooden tray that cradles the iPad, so we’re reviewing the case and giving a TUAW reader an opportunity to get one.


The basic design of the DODOcase hasn’t changed much in the two years it’s been on the market…

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iPad Mini rear shell spotted in the wildWell this is interesting: as we’re being inundated with rumors that Apple is set to reveal an iPad Mini, pictures of what appear to be the rear shell of such a device have surfaced on the Internet. The photos you see below were originally posted by Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo and later picked up by Apple.pro, and even though they do seem rather questionable (to say the least), the shell also does seem to posses the quality Apple is known for. Have a look for yourself.

What’s interesting about this shell is that it’s completely solid – there isn’t any hole for a rear-facing camera…

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