iPhone 5 outperforms Galaxy S III in damage tests + MORE iPhone News 10/02/2012

More iPhone news and updates!  A round up of the latest Apple iPhone articles from around the net.
Samsung Sues Apple Over iPhone 5, Allowed to Sell Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung is suing Apple over claims that the iPhone 5 infringed on its patents.
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A new report that usage of Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps is plummeting has me pretty steamed. This claim – as is so often the case in the tech universe – is based on a meritless, PR-driven study. 5,000 users of an obscure app for highly technical people is a hopelessly skewed sample of what iPhone users are like.
The app that published the data is called Snappli. It compresses your data while you’re on a cellular network to reduce your monthly usage. The app watches users’ data traffic, so it can tell which services they’re using…

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Apple Q4 earnings call scheduled for October 25
Yesterday was the end of Apple’s 2012 fiscal year and today, the company announced that it will hold its fourth quarter earnings call on Thursday, October 25 at 5 PM ET.

The call will be the first real indication of how the iPhone 5 is doing in the market. As usual, TUAW will offer a liveblog of the earnings call, so stay tuned for further information about how to join our staff for insight into the numbers as they’re announced.

Interested individuals will also be able to listen in to the streaming audio from the conference call…

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iPhone 5 outperforms Galaxy S III in damage tests

Despite reports about the iPhone 5′s aluminum back being easily scratched, Byte is reporting that tests of the iPhone 5 show that it is much more durable than its biggest competitor — Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

Byte cited torture tests from three different sources: PhoneDoctors, Android Authority, and SquareTrade.com. These sites did everything from dropping the phones and having a toddler toss one onto concrete, to throwing them into swimming pools. For the most part the iPhone 5 survived everything that it was subjected to…

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Daily iPhone App: Rayman Jungle Run
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Daily iPhone App: Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run is the kind of iOS game that should be terrible. It looks from the outset like a blatant cash grab by Ubisoft, re-using the various sounds, graphics and gameplay from its popular Rayman Origins console platformer on iOS. But here’s the thing: Rayman Origins is such a gorgeous and well-designed game that even this small-screen re-imagining is oozing with magic and fun. Yes, these graphics are being re-used, but they are still completely beautiful, and there’s been so much new craft put into creating these levels and settings that Rayman Jungle Run feels just as fresh and enjoyable as the original console title…

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Jorno Kickstarter project aims to put a folding Bluetooth keyboard in your pocket

Back in the days of Palm, I recall being thrilled about some of the folding keyboards that were developed for the iconic PDA. They connected to the Palm device via a mechanical connector and made it easy to type text into Palm applications. Now a California company, Jorno, is seeking funding for a pocket-sized folding Bluetooth keyboard to work with your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

The project currently has reached almost 58 percent of its required funding with 15 days to go, and the company has provided some incentives to reach the necessary US$100,000 goal by October 17, 2012…

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Breaking down the App Store’s new layout
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Breaking down the App Store's new layout

iOS developer Justine Pratt (who’s created a series of utility apps for iPhone and iPad) has put together a nice, long analysis from the developer perspective of what the new App Store design can do for apps. Apple recently revamped the App Store on iOS devices, introducing several changes that a lot of developers didn’t like, simply because their business was based on either how the apps originally appeared or how the search algorithm (which was revamped as well) listed their apps.

Pratt describes the recent changes and explains how developers can benefit from the current design…

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Video: iPhone 5 speaker is loudest iPhone speaker yet

Lucky iPhone 5 owners (I’m not one of them yet) can be proud to know that their new device is the loudest iPhone yet. The folks over at iClarified thought that it seemed a bit louder than older versions, so they did the right thing and tested the iPhone 5 — and every other model of iPhone ever built — with a decibel meter.

What they found is that the iPhone 5 speaker is indeed the loudest yet, pumping out an impressive 100.3 dBA when a pink noise file was played in the Music app. That’s greater than the previous winner, the iPhone 4S, which tipped the meter at 97…

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