iPhone User Guide for iOS 6 now available as an eBook + MORE iPhone News 09/24/2012

More iPhone news and updates!  A round up of the latest Apple iPhone articles from around the net.
13 Free iPhone Apps to Make Life Easier
1. iRuler

Instead of eyeballing it, messing up and having to go through the whole process again, measure with iRuler.

The app is free of advertisements, and users can click to switch measurement types. Click here to view this gallery.

With hectic days and packed schedules, we could use all the help we can get. Why not let your phone lift some of the burden? Your iPhone can help assist with everyday tasks — and all the apps are free.
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From receipt storage to flashlights, these 15 free apps will help you avoid headaches and keep you organized…

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First four iPhone 5 TV ads hit the airwaves
The Unofficial Apple Weblog

First four iPhone 5 TV ads hit the airwaves

Not that it’s really necessary to gin up more enthusiasm for the iPhone 5, but here they go: four television ads for the new phone have hit the airwaves and Apple’s YouTube channel. The ads feature a different voiceover actor than previous iPhone spots [update: per CNET, it’s Jeff Daniels] and have a somewhat jovial tone; the Panorama highlight ad, “Cheese,” is particularly cute.

Got a favorite? Let us know. All four ads are embedded below the poll.

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Foxconn's Taiyuan plant faces worker unrest, "2,000 person" riot

A Foxconn facility in Taiyuan, China is the scene of ongoing disturbances as workers rioted in the overnight hours. Engadget’s Richard Lai, monitoring the Chinese microblogging and social sites, sees unofficial reports that the trigger for tonight’s events was when security guards struck a Foxconn employee.

The plant is reportedly among those responsible for some iPhone 5 components, according to NBC; specifically, the aluminum back plate (original Chinese undercover report here). Harsh working conditions and pressure for overtime work in the run-up to the iPhone launch may have been contributing factors in the current unrest…

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iPhone User Guide for iOS 6 now available as an eBook

Always nice to see something free from Apple, and the timing couldn’t be better. The iBooks version of the iPhone User Guide for iOS 6 is available on the iBookstore.

Apple isn’t much on paper manuals these days; most Apple products come with a thin little guide, so many users get their tips from websites like TUAW and others.

This Apple e-book is quite complete, with chapters explaining all the new features in iOS 6. I found the chapter on Siri and changes in the camera app most helpful. The book is illustrated, and every bit as good as something you’d buy online or at a book store…

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