Methods That Work to Save You Money on Printer Ink Cartridges

Climbing printer cartridge prices have been a fact of life since printer cartridges were introduced. One of the main reasons for this trend is the ever-increasing rise in the price of petroleum. Petroleum, as you probably know, is a key ingredient in the manufacture of plastics and its by-products are used extensively in normal everyday products. However, don’t despair. There are quite a number of ways you can save money on the cost of your ink cartridges. Some methods are plain common sense and others are more creative. You just have to find what works for you. Now let’s explore three easy ways you can reduce the amount of money you have to spend on new printer cartridges.

When you have to print a complicated document, it’s easy to make a mistake. Preview mode is a great aid and lets you see your document before you print it.

If you want to get an idea if your formatting is correct, choose one of the most highly formatted pages and make a print of it. Another savings trick is to print items such as colored charts in black and white using Draft Mode. Since you’re just previewing the document, it won’t matter that draft mode doesn’t give you the same quality. This is a great combination of different printing options when used together, can all contribute to saving on ink.

Try to find local companies that collect old ink cartridges, especially when you are about to replace your old ones with new ones. They recycle cartridges so that they can raise money. But there is something in it for you! When you do this, you can actually get a coupon that is good at local retailers. This way, everybody wins when you recycle your ink cartridges. Although you are not receiving a cash voucher, is one way to save money, especially if you are buying cartridges at a local store. You are also doing a good thing by recycling, something that is gaining popularity across the country. This helps the environment, plus you will feel great about recycling your old cartridges instead of throwing them in the trash.

If you use ink cartridge refill kits, and do it yourself, you should do the same for your printer if you use a toner cartridge. Toner cartridges cost more money, so you can actually save a lot of money by refilling them yourself. This option has become more popular as the costs of replacements has increased. Another helpful hint about toner cartridges concerns maintenance if you have a problem. When you have enough toner, but your prints look terrible, it might be time to replace the drum itself. Replacing the drum will cost a lot less than the whole toner cartridge.

Replacing the printer cartridge is going to be the most expensive component of owning a printer today. Although you do have to buy paper, it is actually pretty reasonable. Printers make the manufacturer money because of the cartridges. This gives them residual income each and every day. Getting new printer cartridges is something that you will have to do. Find out how to save money on your next purchase before you need to replace them.

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