Microsoft Job Listings Hint at Official Office For iOS [Rumors] + MORE iPad News 07/24/2012

Some more news on the iPad for you right here. The tablet is evolving rapidly, so here are the latest developments.
Chameleon Clock will startle people walking near your desk

Here’s a cute universal app with limited utility but great creativity. Chameleon Clock, selling for US $0.99, captures the background behind your iPad or iPhone using the built-in camera, then superimposes the time and date above that scene. The result is an illusion of a transparent iPad or iPhone. It can be very startling if seen from the right angle, where background and live clip line up perfectly. Even if you are moving around, it’s still a nifty background for the clock.

If you tap the clock, letters and numbers toggle between white and black…

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iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Should Be Available This SeptemberiPhone 5 and iPad nerds, get your wallets and bank accounts ready. According to Plugged-in KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, an individual who is no stranger to Apple rumors, both the iPhone 5 and the smaller incarnation of the iPad should be available to consumers this September. Hopefully you’ll have enough scratch left in your bank account following all of your glamorous summer vacations to afford two new gadgets from a company that excels at making gadgets.
“iPhone 5 to debut in September,” Ming-Chi wrote in a letter to clients…

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In-app purchase hack won't work in iOS 6, say coders

The IAP hack of the past few weeks allows users of iOS apps to make in-app purchases … without actually paying. The hack is essentially a DNS exploit — it fools apps running on your iPhone or iPad into thinking they’re contacting Apple’s in-app purchase servers when they actually are not. The Next Web reported that Apple has opened up a private API to developers who want to take advantage of countermeasures to prevent IAP hacks.

Please note: This hack is essentially stealing. Developers who’ve worked hard on app content that you want to use or play with deserve to be paid for it, and gaining access to that content illegitimately is wrong…

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Microsoft Job Listings Hint at Official Office For iOS [Rumors]

If OnLive’s offering of Office for iPad doesn’t cut it in your corporate world, perhaps some good news is afoot: Microsoft is advertising for jobs that strongly suggest the company is planning to launch a version of Office for iOS real soon. More »

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Mixed Galaxy Tab 7.7 rulings confuse even Samsung (but it may not matter anyway)Apple’s Europe-wide sales ban of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 has prompted confusion this morning, with uncertainty – including from Samsung itself – as to what impact it will have on store shelves. The sales injunction, awarded by a Dusseldorf appeals court earlier today, seemingly conflicts with a UK court ruling earlier in July which ruled that the 7.7-inch tablet had not, in fact, copied the iPad’s aesthetic.

“We will take all available measures to minimise the ruling’s impact on our business operations” Samsung UK told SlashGear in a statement today, though could give no further indication as to what might happen to in-store availability…

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Daily iPad App: Great Big War Game
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Daily iPad App: Great Big War Game

Last year, I was a big fan of the Great Little War Game for iOS — what it lacked in the graphics department, it more than made up for in terms of tile-based tactical strategy (similar to Advance Wars or any of those other kinds of tactical war games). Now developer Rubicon has gone back to the well for a sequel, and the result is the Great Big War Game: It’s exactly the same kind of title, only writ just a little larger.

The graphics are slightly improved (though Rubicon has stuck with the very stylistic little big-headed soldiers, as well as a goofy story), but the big draw here is all of the additions: There are 50 new levels, lots of new units and upgrades to play with, online multiplayer, and some extra map packs and add-ons to purchase if what’s in the base game isn’t enough for you…

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