Microsoft’s prototype stylus is your iPad’s best friend + MORE iPad News 07/20/2012

Some more news on the iPad for you right here. The tablet is evolving rapidly, so here are the latest developments.
Microsoft’s prototype stylus is your iPad’s best friendIf you want to buy a stylus that works with touchscreens on modern smartphones and tablets, you’re restricted to those with capacitive nibs that don’t have a great deal of accuracy. Microsoft is reportedly working on a stylus that will work with any computer screen by directly tracking the output of the LCD screen. The company’s solution would place an angled camera within a stylus that would capture the LCD at a resolution of 512×512.

The camera then determines which pixels are in and out of focus, and sends the information back to software which translates where the stylus is being placed on the screen, including the angle…

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Apple employs reservation system in China ahead of iPad launch

China hasn’t had the best of luck with new iDevice launches. The devices are so popular in that part of the world, and the black market over there is so hungry for goods, that Apple often has issues with legitimate customers trying to get devices. Sometimes fights or vandalism break out when the items go on sale. But Apple has a new weapon against that kind of shenanigans with the upcoming iPad 2 new iPad launch: The company is rolling out a reservation system over in China, designed to make the iPad buying process a lot easier and calmer…

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How to copy content onto an Android device with a Mac

Until Apple jumps in with its hypothetical offering, the Google Nexus 7 may be the best small-sized tablet on the market. With a US$200 starting price tag, some Mac users may be tempted to pick one up just to see what all the fuss is about.

Android devices, though, don’t easily sync to a Mac like the iPad or the iPhone. To help new Android owners manage their device, Macworld has a short, informational video that steps you through the process of transferring items to and from your device. (Hint: you use the Android File transfer app…

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Smartphones and tablets are made out of metal, plastic and glass. The last thing you want to do is drop them. You have seen it before: the poor chap sitting next to you at the pub, trying to play Angry Birds on an iPad that has been cracked beyond recognition. It is a sickening feeling. These are expensive devices that people have emotional investments in. For instance, if you are the proud owner of a new Android Nexus 7 tablet, you are likely holding onto that thing for dear life. What happens if you do drop it? Take a look at the video below…

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Apple to appeal court order to publish statement about Samsung

Apple is not planning to simply give in to a UK judge’s orders that it should acknowledge on its website that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad. Apple plans to appeal the decision, and the motion will be heard in a UK court of appeals.

The judge who had issued the ruling in the first place (and said that Galaxy Tab wasn’t as “cool” as the iPad) allowed the appeal to be filed.

[Via MacNN]

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Chinese new iPad launch sidesteps mayhemApple’s new iPad launch in China proved smooth and hitch-feee, with the company’s pre-registration rationing system helping prevent the violent crowds that marred the iPhone 4S release earlier this year. Rather than accept walk-in sales, Apple has insisted on a pre-purchase system that requires new iPad buyers to register online the day before they want to collect their iPad in-store; as a result there was no line outside Chinese Apple Stores, and no overnight waiting.

Concerns had been voiced about the release of the new iPad in China after the release of the iPhone 4S back in January was overshadowed by violence…

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Squarespace iOS app updated for v6 of web hosting tool

Squarespace recently updated its website hosting platform to version 6; the update includes new templates, an improved layout engine and better social integration. The company added a total of 50 new features to the platform. To accompany this change, Squarespace also updated its iPhone and iPad app to support version 6.

The Squarespace app lets you manage most aspects of your website from your mobile device. You can create and edit posts, add photos and even manage comments. The app also lets you preview your site on your phone and check your traffic stats on the go…

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