Pentax K-5 DSLR Camera Review

The outer casing of the Pentax K-5 digital SLR camera seems almost identical to the previous model, the K-7. Yet the most obvious difference between the two cameras is internally, where Pentax have incorporated a massive range of updated features and operating upgrades.

Casing Features

As with the earlier version, the K5 still features the same weatherproof and cold-proof outer casing that protects the camera against the elemental extremes. It looks much the same as far as size and shape as the preceeding model and it definitely inherits the same user-friendly interface and operation.

However, the 3 inch LCD display offers more clarity for still photos and the HD video operation is upgraded to 1080p widescreen shots at 25 frames per second.

Internal Upgrades

The Pentax K5 DLSR camera features a big 16.3 megapixel CMOS sensor. You’re able to capture ultra clear digital photos with this camera’s high resolution without problems. For those users wanting to use continuous shooting mode, this model features a super-fast burst rate of up to 7 frames per second, far outdoing its predecessor.

There’s also an automatic high quality auto-focusing system. Pentax dubbed this the Safox-IV system and it focuses by way of 11 focal points to ensure each image is as clear as possible.

To give you another level of crispness to your pictures, the K5 features a built-in Shake Reduction stabilizing system.

The excellent light source dection sensor and dedicated AF assist lamp work to decipher the nearby light sources around your subject based on the wavelength so it knows when and how much it needs to focus. This means it should be very easy to take high quality images even in bad lighting situations.

You can decide between several file saving choices to choose from to save your images, from the 14-bit RAW capture file format, to a JPG file, or even the Adobe DNG file format.

HD Video Capability

The Pentax K5 DSLR lets you shoot great quality HD video, including audio, at 25 frames per second. You have the choice of shooting your video in 1920x1080p widescreen format, or at a 1280x720p resolution.

You can experiment with varying effects with several digital filters available, and choose from three separate HDR modes for styles and blending options. These include posterization, sketch and 2-color extraction modes, so select your favorite mode to be saved as a preset for the next time you use it. You can also reduce digital noise down to a minimum using the noise reduction feature.

You can alter the end result of any films you make by removing or applying different filters or modes. This camera should allow you to shoot up to 25 minutes of good quality video without problem. Of course, you might need to buy an upgraded memory card if you intend to store big movie files.

End Verdict

In closing, the Pentax K5 DSLR digital camera is a wise selection for any keen shutterbug. The broad range of functions make this a great camera to use and it’s highly adaptable.

Its able to take top quality digital images as well as shooting HD video. If youre in the market for a new camera that lets you to take photos like a pro, you cant beat what this model has to offer.

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