Sony VAIO YB Series VPCYB33KX/B 11.6-Inch Laptop Review

The Sony VAIO YB Series VPCYB33KX/B 11.6 inch laptop is Sony’s latest offering to the market of low cost high performance mini laptops. Sony claim it is ideal as a lightweight laptop for travelers or as a handy computer to keep around the house that won’t take up space. The market is fairly saturated with […]

Toshiba NB505-N508BN Netbook Review

The NB505 is an entry level netbook from Toshiba. Whilst Toshiba aren’t the best loved or most well respected computer manufacturer, they aren’t without their good points. If you’re looking for a netbook on a budget, the NB505’s low price point will almost certainly be a draw. But is the Toshiba NB505 worth buying? Let’s […]

Netbooks vs. Chromebooks

Netbooks and Chromebooks offer two slightly different things. Deciding which is right for you can be a difficult decision, but there are a number of factors which will help to narrow the decision down a bit. The biggest question is, are you ready for a change of operating system? Other questions include; are you happy […]

Netbooks vs. Ultrabooks

Netbooks and Ultrabooks share some key similarities. They are both intended as highly portable devices, suitable for travel and work. The difference between a netbook and an Ultrabook, more than anything else, is simply computing power. Ultrabooks are essentially high-end netbooks, designed for those with deeper pockets, and those who really do need high performance […]

Key Netbook And Chromebook Features

When purchasing a netbook or Chromebook, there are a number of key features to think about. These include: size and weight, price, operating system, battery life, keyboard, optical drive, ports, RAM, processor, storage space, cloud storage, webcam and microphone, screen size and connectivity. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these things is, […]

Netbook Buyer’s Checklist – Features To Check Before You Buy

☐  Which Device Is Right For You? ☐  A Netbook Is Designed As A Cheaper ($200 – $500), Lighter, Less Powerful Laptop ☐  A Laptop Costs More And Is Less Portable, But Can Be Far More Powerful ☐  Ultrabooks Are Extremely Portable, More Powerful Than Netbooks, But Cost More Than Laptops ☐  Chromebooks Run On […]

Why a Netbook Might Be Better than a Notebook or Laptop Computer

When you’re searching for portable computing solutions, there are certainly a number of options to choose from. Tablet computers have made quite a splash over the past several years (the Apple iPad has sold very well, and non-Apple products like the Samsung Galaxy Tab have also garnered a strong following), and some people are even […]

Netbook Operating Systems

Netbook computers have an interesting history. Widely derided as underpowered and little more than “toys” when they first appeared on the scene, netbooks have grown into solid solutions for those interested in ultra-portable computing. Netbooks often positively distinguish themselves from the increasingly popular tablet computers – like Apple’s iPad – by having a real keyboard […]

Most Important Features To Look For When Buying A New Netbook

In the eyes of some, netbook computers (small, portable computers that are generally smaller and lighter than traditional laptops) might have lost a little bit of their appeal. Tablet computers like the iPad have taken the mobile computing space by storm, and some people are finding ways to use their smartphones to accomplish many of […]

Buy A Netbook Or A Tablet?

When it comes time to buy yourself a new computer (or perhaps a second computer to supplement the computer you currently use most often), there’s a good chance you’ll consider the increasingly popular category of ultra-portable computing devices – one that includes netbook and tablet computers. You’re probably already familiar with tablet computers (this category […]

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