How Scareware Does its Damage

Scareware Some people may have heard of scareware and may have a basic idea of what it is. Most however will not know exactly what it is and how exactly it works to. Scareware is a type of malware that pretends to be a real anti-virus program. It appears in a pop-up window on your […]

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Review

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Reviewed The ultimate in photography undoubtedly would be if with a click of a button your camera could capture an image just like it appears in your mind. Even though there are some gifted and very experienced men and women for whom that’s a reality, for most of us it’s just […]

Forcing More Secure Passwords

Internet security is becoming an increasingly large problem. For many years there have been a wide range of scams and other security problems that have led to a loss of personal information, and potentially even identity theft. Some companies are now fighting back, by forcing people to choose passwords that are more secure. Passwords can […]

Don’t Become Phish Food

Phishing has been a problem for anyone who regularly uses the internet for many years. Unfortunately, despite many ongoing efforts to reduce or prevent its impact, phishing remains a real problem for many people and businesses. Phishing in short is a type of a scam. It involves faking emails or web pages, making them look […]

Rogue Anti-virus Programs Getting Harder to Remove

There have been a series of fake anti-virus programs that have been created by malware makers over the past few years. Far from being true anti-virus programs they offer no useful functionality. They are in fact malware in and of themselves, and are known to interfere with system operation, preventing the download of real anti-virus […]

How Do I Securely Set Up My New Router?

Any household that has a number of wireless devices will benefit from having a WiFi router to allow them to connect to the internet easily from wherever they are in the home. This brings a huge level of convenience to the people who are using the digital devices, but is not without its risks. What […]

CMS Commander Review

  CMS Commander is a online software for managing a large number of websites from a single control panel. The service allows you to control all your websites administrative features through a secure connection, making it unnecessary to log into each of your sites admin panels to do repetitive and mundane tasks like updating plugins or approving comments. Save time by managing all your WordPress, […]

Finding the Best Software for Kids

No matter how hard you fight it, eventually the time will come that you are ready to start sharing your computer with your children. You may look forward to it, or may dread it if only because it will mean that the computer that once was yours will suddenly become a time share. Ultimately though, […]

Does the Internet Really Provide Anonymity?

For many people the internet is a place to get away from it all. Surfing the web or chatting on websites is a way to unwind and to put real life behind us, and that can often lead to people behaving in a way that they otherwise would never dream of. Sometimes this can be […]

What is Broadband?

Broadband is a somewhat confusing and vague term that is often misunderstood by the people who choose to use it because there is no formal definition. It is a frequently misused term that is thrown around by ISPs and cellular phone providers as a buzz word, used to make their products look good. Exactly what […]

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