Android Astronomy Apps

The fascination that humans have with the sky and the stars is as old as we are. Some of the most stunning photos in the world originated from Hubble, with pics of galaxies that are enjoyed by millions. There are also a lot of astronomy lovers that enjoy learning about the sky, the planets and […]

Benefits of Internet Banking

One of the most important developments that Internet brought to the banking sector was the appearance of internet banking. Being able to do bank transactions without going to the bank, using the Internet from the comfort of your own home, that was an incredibly empowering thing for all bank customers. While people have benefited a […]

Be Careful of Your Mobile Apps

One of the highlights of owning a smartphone is the wealth of applications (apps) that are available for them. These include apps for productivity, for social networking, for media, and even for gaming and they make the use of a smartphone a pleasure. In fact they may make the smartphone a virtual all in one […]

Spelling Errors Cost Websites Money

There are many at home businesses today that use a website in order to sell a product, and other websites that are used in order to raise income for the owner through ad and sponsorship revenue. Unfortunately it is frequently common for these sites to contain a number of spelling and grammatical errors, and these […]

New Dangers to Social Networking!

Facebook photographs have been a source of embarrassment amongst friends and family for almost as long as the Facebook service has been publicly available. However they are now posing an even greater threat than before-one that could jeopardize your chances of landing that dream job. It is not uncommon for people, and even for their […]

Fun Facts About the Internet

The effect that the Internet had on our lives made us change the way we entertain ourselves, how we communicate with others and how we consume information. It changed us in a lot of ways, most of them for the better. There aren’t as many borders between people as there were before. Communication is free […]

Protecting Yourself From Microsoft Flaws

The history of Microsoft as an operating system has been uneven to say the least. There have been a large amount of controversies over the years with flaws and loopholes found in the system, and other problems with operating systems not being released on time. Over time it has led to a general distrust of the operating […]

Protecting Android Phones from Viruses

While finding viruses on an Android phone is not that common right now, it’s going to be a much bigger problem in the future, as more and more people start using smartphones and Android becomes more popular. A smartphone with Android as its operating system can do many of the things that a computer can […]

What You Need To Know About Firewalls

There are over 131,000 ‘ports’ in the internet where hackers can connect to today. These ports act like doors, and if they’re not protected, intrusive elements like viruses, malware and spyware can break in easily, exposing not just your computer to possible damages, but also risking all your personal and sensitive information stored in your […]

Understanding Open Source Software

The software that most of us use is available in a form that is easy to use by the regular user. The software code is already compiled, so the user has no access to what goes on behind the scenes of that program. Changing the way the software works is not possible with commercial software, […]

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