Small or Big Camcorders?

  How Do Pocket Camcorders Compare To Full-Sized Options? Pocket camcorders have been selling in huge numbers since the release of the Flip and subsequent models. However, these camcorders can’t do everything that full-sized camcorders can. How do they compare? The Benefits Of Pocket Camcorders Pocket camcorders offer more when it comes to portability thanks […]

Waterproof Camcorders?

  A Guide To Pocket Waterproof Cameras Water and electronics never mix, but if you want to take photographs under water then there is a way: waterproof cameras. Although there aren’t too many waterproof cameras currently available on the market, there are some pocket models available for you to take on that snorkeling trip! Pocket […]

Camcorder 101

  5 Reasons To Buy A Pocket Camcorder Ever been in a situation that you wished you could have caught on camera? Ever wish you’d recorded your baby’s first steps, or that moment when you told your kids you were taking them to Disney World? Sometimes you don’t want to have to bring your clunky […]

Why A Buy Camcorder?

  4 Reasons Why Pocket Camcorders Make Sharing Your Home Movies So Easy Although pocket camcorders aren’t known to produce the highest quality video in comparison to expensive, full-sized models, millions of users around the world love these nifty gadgets. The fact that they are so easy to use is just one of the reasons […]

Camcorder Checklist

  Pocket Camcorder Buyer’s Checklist – Features To Check Before You Buy ☐  Size Should Be Small Enough To Fit In Your Pocket ​☐  LCD Screen Size Is An Average Of 2 Inches ​ ☐  Pocket Camcorders Usually Feature Very Simple Controls ​☐  Check For Record, Playback and Skip Buttons ​☐  If You Need More […]

Pocket Camcorder Buyer’s Guide

  What Are Pocket Camcorders? Nowadays, we’re used to technology coming in smaller packages. We have smartphones that are like mini computers in our pockets, portable games consoles, and digital cameras that’ll fit in your pocket. Camcorders are no different, and there’s a whole sub-niche of this product designed for those who love portability: the […]

Zoom Q3HD Review

  Originally, Zoom devices were designed for capturing audio only, but as the video capture market has grown the company has branched out to produce gadgets which are able to handle video too. The Zoom Q3 HD makes high quality audio its number one priority, while also supplying full 1080p resolution HD video recording. This […]

Sony Bloggie Touch

  The Sony Bloggie Touch offers touch screen technology and sleek design, as well as a 12.8 megapixel camera for still image capture. In addition, this version comes with 8GB of built-in memory. The Bloggie sits in an unusual position in the market, both for its touch screen and its fairly high price. How does […]

Samsung Camcorder Review

  The Samsung HMX-W200 is Samsung’s most recent product in the pocket sized video camera market. This waterproof and dust-proof camera is in direct competition with the Kodak Zx5, offering durability at a low price point. So how does the HMX-W200 stack up? Read on to find out. Key Specs For The Samsung HMX-W200 Video […]

Olympus Review

  Olympus LS-20M HD Audio-Video Recorder Review The Olympus LS-20M is Olympus’s most recent hybrid audio-video recorder. It’s pocket-sized, but aims to provide video and audio of near professional quality. Providing high quality is something most pocket video cameras don’t do, so this sets it apart from the pack. Key Specs For The Olympus LS-20M […]

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