Traveling With Your Sony PSP

The point of having a portable handheld gaming machine is so that you can move around with it. Bring it out during those long hours of waiting, and be able to send it back to your bag instantly without having to worry. This also means being able to bring your favorite games with you without [...]

Sony Playstation Portable PSP Review

A little over 5 years ago, Sony Computer Entertainment launched the Playstation Portable. This tiny little machine fitted nicely in a small bag, had a battery that lasted for hours on end and promised to deliver a massive library of games that would fulfill any gamer’s heart. While that last bit of promise took a [...]

Taking Care of Your Sony PSP

The PSP is a great handheld device; it has lots of games, great controls and can do a lot of other things (browse the web, play music and videos, etc). But as with many electronic devices, the PSP has its own share of problems. And for those who want to be able to take care [...]

Top Five Exclusive Titles for the Playstation 3

A gaming console’s most defining point is not the brand, price, maker, hardware or any other feature –no matter how impressive any of these may be. The true way to understand and experience the value of a game console is through its exclusive games. In this day and age, exclusive titles are not as common [...]

Gearing Up Your Playstation 3

Sony and many third party developers are offering a full lineup of excellent gadgets and add-ons for the Playstation 3 home console and we are here to give you a quick view on the must-haves for any hardcore gamer. First up is the updated Six Axis controller, the Dualshock 3. Now, for those who have [...]

Trading Up From Nintendo DS to 3DS

When it comes to gadgets and technology in general, upgrading is a part of life. That time when you move from one version to the next is simply a matter of when. But this does not necessarily entail that you purchase the latest piece of tech the moment it arrives on your store shelves. There [...]

Classic Nintendo on the Nintendo DS

Nintendo is truly a remarkable system manufacturer. The DS, Wii and the 3DS currently hold one of the largest shares in the video game industry market. But beyond their console devices, Nintendo is also the company that brought to us some of the most iconic and well loved characters in the industry. And thanks to [...]

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

Nintendo 3DS Review

Nintendo 3DS – Bringing 3D Gaming to You With the current 3D craze, it’s no surprise that gaming companies will develop 3D gaming experiences. Nintendo 3DS is a new hardware update that brings the 3D technology to handheld gaming devices. The Nintendo 3DS offers 3D video gaming without having to use those annoying 3D glasses. [...]

Xbox 360 250GB Review

Xbox 360 The new Xbox 360 is a great choice for those who are buying an Xbox for the first time, but what about those of us who already have the older model? Is it worth upgrading? Before you decide, it’s important to take a look at the facts and find out what’s really changed. [...]

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