SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: August 22, 2012 + MORE iPhone News 08/23/2012

Some exciting news just broke about Apple and the latest iPhone. Read below for the details and links to other recent articles!
iPhone 5 mini dock USB cable photo leakedThe next generation in Apple USB connector cables has appeared in a relatively clear photo presented to the world hoping for every detail they can get on the iPhone 5 – another piece of Apple hardware that’s not yet even been announced by the manufacturer. Rumors up to this point have converged on a new dock connector for the new iPhone, a newly improved iPad 3, and an iPad mini, each of them with the same port for a 16-pin cord. This cord appears to have two sides, each of them with 8 pins that are able to face upwards or downwards interchangeably…

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DOJ Seizes Indie Android Stores for Alleged PiracyAndroid app makers face difficulties that iPhone developers do not. It is harder to make money from Android apps than iOS apps, for instance. One of the (several) reasons is the ease with which pirates can copy and sell Android apps outside the purview of Google Play. The United States Department of Justice took notice this week and seized three websites accused of illegally distributing Android apps. The seizure of third-party app stores is the first of its kind, and some players in the Android ecosystem may applaud government intervention…

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Today is the day for Shazam-inspired transparency in open government. First came news about a new SuperPAC iPhone app from MIT Media Lab students that uses audio recognition to identify who’s behind online and television political advertisements. A few hours later, a similar app from the Sunlight Foundation called Ad Hawk went live. Ad Hawk enables iPhone and Android owners to identify political ads by sound and uses FEC and FCC data to determine – and display – who spent the money that financed them…

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Today ARM chips are found in more than 95 percent of the cell phones on the market ? including the iPhone and almost every Android phone. The most advanced smartphones in the world contain multiple ARM processing engines ? Samsung’s Galaxy S3 i9300 holds as many as 14. This represents an existential crisis for Intel; the future of computing is small and battery-powered. As sales of smartphones and tablets quickly outpaced those of traditional PCs, the chipmaker faced obsolescence unless it could become a player in these markets…

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SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: August 22, 2012Welcome to Wednesday, folks. This particular hump day saw news that the Department of Justice and the FBI have brought down a trio of websites that dealt in pirated Android apps, while a picture of a mini dock USB cable for the iPhone 5 surfaced as well. Microsoft announced a number of things related to the Xbox 360 today, kicking off a search for people to beta test its new dashboard update, permanently dropping the price of the Kinect by $40, and announcing Xbox 360 Essentials packs, which come packed with accessories to accommodate Xbox 360 owners…

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AgileTortoise updates Drafts, introduces iPad version

AgileTortoise’s popular Drafts app receives a welcome update today as it enters version 2.0 for iPhone. Drafts for iPad is also available.

Adding sync features through Simperium, an iCloud alternative, Drafts will be able to move data across platforms and pick up from where users last left off. This cloud feature joins existing Dropbox and Evernote support.

The app offers simple note-taking in a streamlined interface with a wealth of sharing features. You can send by e-mail, text message, post to Facebook, tweet, etc…

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Google announced its first update for Chrome on iPhone and iPad in version 21 / 21.0.1180.77.
The update adds the ability to share directly from Chrome to social networks and email. Other features include: “more actionable” sync sign in error messages, improved detection for the welcome tour, and fixes for pages loading blank in Incognito mode.
Not a huge update, but an update nonetheless, for the highly anticipated mobile version of the popular browser. Google launched the iOS version of Chrome in June…

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‘Super PAC App’ for iPhone dishes details on political adsWe’re just a few short months away from the General Election, and unsurprisingly, political ads are everywhere. Super PACs are everywhere too, funneling millions of dollars in funding into campaigns on both sides. It seems like there’s a new Super PAC every day, and with names like American Crossroads, Americans for Freedom, and yes, even American Sunrise, it can be difficult to keep them all straight. What’s a politics junkie to do?

Well, you can start by checking out Super PAC App for iPhone…

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Daily iPhone App: Pushr posts your prose to a plethora of social networks

Pushr is for social media power users who want to share content across multiple services and multiple accounts. In its basic form, the app lets you create a message and share it across multiple social networks. You can also share comments, pictures and videos with only a few taps.

You get a lot of bang for your buck as Pushr supports 16 services including Blogger, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, foursquare, Google Drive, Instagram, LinkedIn, Picasa Web, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, WordPress, Yammer and YouTube…

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