Acer Aspire One AOD270-1410 10.1-Inch Netbook Review

With the huge growth in the mobile computer industry in recent years, companies have started putting much greater focus on the quality of both their computer tablets and their netbooks. The Acer Aspire One AOD270-1410 is Acer’s latest offering to the market. The Aspire One AOD270 is a budget price netbook that attempts to combine […]

Most Important Features To Look For When Buying A New Netbook

In the eyes of some, netbook computers (small, portable computers that are generally smaller and lighter than traditional laptops) might have lost a little bit of their appeal. Tablet computers like the iPad have taken the mobile computing space by storm, and some people are finding ways to use their smartphones to accomplish many of […]

Smartphones and Battery Life

It is an unfortunate fact that the smartphones that we have all come to love and to depend upon are power hogs. They drain power quickly and this means that it can be hard to get through a day without having to recharge the phone. What is worse, there is no way for phone manufacturers […]

Extending iPod Touch Battery Life

If you go buy yourself an iPod Touch, and you ask the vendor how much you can expect its battery to last during normal use, their answer will probably be the official one, which is that it can last for up to half a day. During normal use you will notice that it’s usually not […]

5 Ways Of Increasing Battery Life On Ultraportable Laptops

Ultraportable Laptop Battery Life The life of ultraportable batteries can vary. Although some ultraportable laptops may last as long as 9 hours, others – like the 11 inch Macbook Air – may only reach five. If you’re going to be away from a power source for some time then it helps to implement a few […]

iPad Description: What’s Changed In The New iPad 2?

iPad 2 Comparison It’s official – the iPad 2 is here and it’s set to be huge no matter what you think of the changes. Any new iPad description will tell you it’s available in both black and white, with an all-new camera. But how much has really changed since the original iPad? Here’s a […]

New iPad (iPad 3) Battery Details

When compared to the iPad 2, the iPad 3 has the same battery life. While this may seem odd, because the iPad 3 has a better battery, it is because the iPad 3 has some battery draining features like the improved screen resolution and the 4G connectivity. Despite that, you can still use the iPad […]

What You Can Expect To Discover With The Blackberry Bold 9780

Blackberry Bold 9780 Review Blackberries have become so famous and widely used that many people use the term “Blackberry” as a generic term, like “phone” or “computer,” forgetting that it’s a brand name. Research in Motion, the manufacturer of Blackberries, has revealed the Blackberry Bold 9780, and that is the current model available on the […]

Do the Apple iPad Features Make It A Better Option Than A Netbook?

One of the major criticisms of the Apple iPad features was that they weren’t really targeted to anyone in particular. For portable computing with the need for a larger screen, we already have netbooks. For checking mail on the go, we already have smartphones. However, despite this observation by some critics, the iPad has gone […]

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