Western Digital WD TV Live Hub 1 TB Media Center Review

The WD TV Live Hub is an option for those who want both the ability to stream content from the internet directly to their TV, and also to store their own files on the device for TV playback. This is similar to the WD TV Live, though comes with a hard drive and no Wi-Fi […]

Western Digital WD TV Live Streaming Media Player Review

The newest version of the WD TV Live streaming media player comes with a variety of new features. Wi-Fi connectivity and a growing range of streaming services will draw a lot of new customers to Western Digital’s  media streamers. However, more advanced users will be more interested in the fact that it can support such […]

TiVo Premiere DVR Review

In the DVR world, there’s always been one king: TiVo. The new TiVo Premiere DVR boasts a shiny HD menu and access to a range of online multimedia streaming services – not to mention excellent recording and video playback features. But is TiVo still the DVR brand you can trust? TiVo Premiere DVR Specs At […]

Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD Review

The Slingbox  has been one of the most popular digital media devices on the market for a few years now. Unlike Roku or Logitech Revue, this isn’t a device that brings internet streaming to your TV. Instead, the Slingbox PRO-HD connects up to your home network to let you access your home TV content from […]

Digital Media Boxes Vs. Other Video Options

Digital Media Streaming Vs. Standard TV   The difference between the experience of watching standard TV with cable, to watching TV with a multimedia-streaming device attached is a big one. It basically means adding a huge library of internet streaming services to your fingertips.   Instead of having to stream your TV shows on your […]

Specs To Look Out For In A Digital Streaming Device

Connections   One of the first things you’ll need to check on any digital media device is how it connects to your TV. HDMI ports are pretty much standard on any modern media streamer, so they should be able to connect to any recent HDTV.   What you need to be careful with, however, is […]

Slingbox Vs. Apple TV: What’s The Difference?

If you’re looking for a new media device to expand the functionality of your TV then Slingbox and Apple TV are two of the biggest names. But which one should you pick between Slingbox vs. Apple TV? The truth is that they don’t do exactly the same thing, so it’s important to know what you’re […]

Internet On Your TV: How To Guide

Digital media streamers are turning our TVs into multimedia hubs. Not only can we watch our favorite TV shows and movies, but we can also access online services like Pandora, YouTube and even Twitter. But is it really worth paying for an extra device, or an internet-enabled HDTV, to access the internet? Consider the drawbacks […]

How To Find The Best TV Media Player

The best TV media player has the ability to bring your television to life. No longer are you limited to watching the channels you’re signed up for: you can now stream content whenever you please, and get access to a whole new range of features. But how do you go about choosing the best device […]

Netgear NeoTV 550 HD Media Player Review

All of us want different things from a multimedia device. For some, that means the ability to stream content from popular online services, and for others it means using our own library for viewing on the big screen TV. If you’re interested in doing the latter, and using a wide range of different file formats, […]

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