ViewSonic DPG807BK Digital Photo Frame Review

ViewSonic DPG807BK A well known manufacturer of LCD monitors, ViewSonic has entered the digital photo frame market as well, which seems like a natural move considering that the technology is about the same. The DPG807BK is a frame released by them and it’s an 8 inch model, with a 4 to 3 ratio and an […]

NIX 15 Inch Hi-Resolution Digital Picture Frame Review

NIX 15 Inch Hi-Resolution Digital Picture Frame Since it is now the age of all things digital, it is time to give yourself or someone else something that will upgrade the way you display your photos. Almost every one of us finds it expensive to print our digital shots, but how can we display those […]

Sony DPF-D810 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame Review

Sony DPF-D810 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame In today’s digital world, even our memories seem to be digitized. Photos, for example, are usually in digital form. So, now, the problem becomes how do we easily view these photos especially if they are on flash drives, memory cards, or on a computer or laptop? One great solution […]

Deluxe NIX 12-Inch Digital Picture Frame Review

Deluxe NIX Wouldn’t it be great to have something that will display all your digital photos hidden in your PC? Are you wondering how to show your captured moments to your family and friends? Then it is time to get a digital photo frame. Digital frames are now available in different sizes, styles and models […]

Pandigital PanImage PI1003DW Digital Picture Frame Review

PanImage PI1003DW You capture every precious moment because you do not want to forget even a single bit of it. However, a photo that is only stored inside a camera’s memory card or in a PC’s hard drive is not a good way to keep your precious memories. Free your images. Now, you can use […]

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