Take Your Xbox 360 Beyond Games

Microsoft’s Xbox is an impressive gaming system. It packs quite the punch in terms of hardware power, and provides players with an incredible amount of games to choose from. But simply owning the system and several games alone is not all that you need to get the most out of your Xbox 360. Here are […]

Top 5 Motion Games for the Wii

Nintendo Wii has been considered to be the pioneer in motion gaming. Released years ahead of the PS Move the Xbox Kinect, the Wiimote controlled console has shown us all how fun and exciting motion gaming can be. Of course, not all Wii games make full use of the motions controls –some games can be […]

Top Five Exclusive Titles for the Playstation 3

A gaming console’s most defining point is not the brand, price, maker, hardware or any other feature –no matter how impressive any of these may be. The true way to understand and experience the value of a game console is through its exclusive games. In this day and age, exclusive titles are not as common […]

Your Questions About PSP Games

Sandra asks… PSP games…………..? I am planning on getting a PSP soon and was wondering what games would be best?I like puzzle type games and Action Adventures,Any games? GreatTechGadgets.com answers: Ummmm ill name the fun 1s i got burnout: *either 1 there 2 i recomnend legends* god of war chains of olympus*good graphics* 300 march […]

Nintendo Wii Backwards Compatible With GameCube

Backtracking on Your Wii: GameCube Gaming One of the many great features about the Wii is that it is compatible with plenty of old games. Many are already quite familiar with the many Virtual Console games which allow you to play NES, SNES, N64, Megadrive and other platform titles on the Wii. Of course, players […]

Top 5 Sony PSP Games

The Playstation Portable is a truly impressive system, with hardware that easily matches that of the PS2 (which was one of the top ranking systems during the time of the PSP’s launch), many hardcore gamers feel that its extensive library of games are a must have for any real gaming collector. Of course, the PSP […]

Captain America Super Soldier Game Review

With a new generation of children learning to appreciate the superheroes of the past, Captain America: Super Soldier is bound to become one of the most talked about games with youngsters and adults alike. Rated T for teens, the game is not suitable for very young children; Captain America has Evil to battle and the […]

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