Get Off the Sofa When Gaming! Choice in Action Gaming

The Nintendo Wii was one of the earliest game stations that was designed to get the user up and moving in order to interact with the games. This triggered a movement towards more active gaming, and led to the creation of other motion gaming systems. The big three available now are the Wii, the Xbox […]

Wii Accessories

The Wii isn’t a new gaming system, and yet despite it being around for a while, many people may not realize it’s true flexibility and strength. This is thanks to the wide range of accessories that are available. There are a wide range of games available for the Nintendo Wii-a similar range and often similar […]

Gaming Systems, 3D TV and Health Risks

A large number of games systems will have warnings as you start the system up, that there might be health risks to using their system. All have advice that you should first read the instruction manual and take adequate precautions before using. Nintendo has gone a step further, and are now issuing specific warnings for […]

Here We’re Heading Back In Time And Looking At The Atari Paddle Controller With 13 TV Games

Atari Paddle Controller I know there are tons of you around that remember when the Atari 2600 first hit the market. It was in reality the second gaming system that hit the market, Pong being the very first video game that you could play on your home TV. In those days the Atari 2600 was […]

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