Apple iPod Touch Review

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple once described the iPod Touch as “Training wheels for the iPhone”. This little brother device was akin to the iPhone but with many limitations when compared to the iPhone. It had a rudimentary speaker that could only function to sound the alarm clock, and had no microphone. Although it shared […]

Kodak PlaySport HD Video Camera Review

Kodak PlaySport HD The Kodak PlaySport HD waterproof video camera is a fun and easy to use camera that comes with everything that you need to get started. What’s more it is simple to offload the videos and also to watch them on a TV set, giving this a big set of features for a […]

Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation Review

Is the world ready for more form factor changing devices? After the impact the iPad had on the world, the nano was certainly overdue for an iOS style upgrade, and it needed a new look. Of course, the iPod Nano doesn’t sport an actual iOS, but it does have a very smooth interface that works […]

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