Your Questions About iPad 3

Joseph asks… Should I get iPad 2 or iPad 3? so i decided to get an iPad because I have so many ebooks and so much stuff from iTunes, but i am stuck on which to get because the iPad 2 would be $100 cheaper than the iPad 3 for the same GN capacity. I […]

Your Questions About PS Vita

Charles asks… which case is the best for the PS Vita? best answer gets 10 points answers: The best deal is the starter pack which includes a soft case and memory card plus screen protector and cleaner for $40 it`s cheap and a good case for your ps vita . The best case is […]

Your Questions About Playstation Move

Linda asks… Playstation Move……? For my boyfriends birthday I am getting him the Playstation Move, he already has a PS3, do I just need the controller? How much are they and do they come in a set of two or do I have to buy two indiviually? Do I need or should I get the […]

Your Questions About PSP Games

Sandra asks… PSP games…………..? I am planning on getting a PSP soon and was wondering what games would be best?I like puzzle type games and Action Adventures,Any games? answers: Ummmm ill name the fun 1s i got burnout: *either 1 there 2 i recomnend legends* god of war chains of olympus*good graphics* 300 march […]

Your Questions About Kindle Vs Nook

Sandra asks… Thoughts on the battle of the Kindle vs Nook? Hi guys, I was just wandering what you personally thought about the two products on: 1)Which is better? 2)Pros and Cons of each 3)Which has better web browsing? 4)If you’ve bought one are you happy with it or regret buying or rather have the […]

Your Questions About Kinect Sports 2

Robert asks… Where can I buy Kinect sports season 2 for xbox kinect? My wife needs to know where he can find a store that sells Kinect sports season 2 for xbox kinect. I need a response before Christmas please :). answers: There are several places where you can get it, and this is […]

Your Questions About PS Vita Memory Cards

Lisa asks… should i invest money in buying a memory card for the ps vita? I want to buy the 16 gig memory card but it is wayyy expensive…. Is the memory card really a necessity if i want to get the most out of the ps vita when it comes out??? Also what are […]

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