Video Media Storage

  A Guide To Pocket Camcorder Storage Options Although most pocket camcorders share a lot of features in common, there are many important differences to look out for. One of these is the way they store your videos. Here’s a quick guide to the different memory options available, including the pros and cons of each. […]

Your Questions About PS Vita

Charles asks… which case is the best for the PS Vita? best answer gets 10 points answers: The best deal is the starter pack which includes a soft case and memory card plus screen protector and cleaner for $40 it`s cheap and a good case for your ps vita . The best case is […]

Your Questions About PS Vita Memory Cards

Lisa asks… should i invest money in buying a memory card for the ps vita? I want to buy the 16 gig memory card but it is wayyy expensive…. Is the memory card really a necessity if i want to get the most out of the ps vita when it comes out??? Also what are […]

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