Exploring the Features of the iPad

If you are still interested in the iPad but don’t own one, it may still appeal to you are. There is definitely something enticing about Apple’s latest product, whether you feel you need one or not. There are some good features on the iPad and some negative aspects, in this article we will be looking […]

Smartphones for The Business Minded

In this ever-advancing world, high-tech gadgets, particularly business phones, play big roles to many business people. Smartphones nowadays come in various features and plans. Company managers may need phones that complement both his/her personality and the needs of the business.   So what are the different functions of a good smartphone for business? Read on […]

Transforming The Face Of Internet Connectivity Via Mobile Phone WiFi

The advent of smartphones has raised the level of cell phone manufacturing up another notch. Indeed, it offers mobile users a wide range of features that are designed to increase your productivity and connectivity. One essential feature that most consumers would look for in a mobile phone throughout their buying process is the WiFi connectivity. […]

AT&T Avail Prepaid Android GoPhone Review

While cellular phones are becoming something which is almost a necessity to have in today’s world, you will find that many folks don’t like the reality that businesses force them to sign a contract. But nowadays there are now available options that don’t require you to sign a contract to obtain a good cell phone. […]

The Potential Health Risks of Cell Phones

The use of cellular phones is very common these days. Indeed, almost every one has their own cell phone because this is the most basic communication device available in the market. Due to the popularity of these modern gadgets though, most people spend several hours each day in contact to them. It therefore raises a […]

Information You Need To Know About Unlocking A Smartphone

Smartphones, such as the iPhone and Android phones, are popular and in demand today. If you own one, you should look into unlocking your device. But those who are new to smartphones have a lot to learn about this process, much less learn to unlock the device on their own. Here are a few commonly […]

Mobile Applications To Protect Your Phone

Mobile apps for smartphones are possibly the world’s most famous pieces of software. With downloadable apps, smartphone users can do about anything with their mobile phones. From visiting social media sites to star gazing, etc., there’s an app for just about everything you can imagine. Smartphones today are taking technology to a whole new level, […]

Mobile Phone Features To Expect In The Future

A few years ago, only the privileged ones had access to a cell phone because this gadget was rare and sold at an expensive price. But today, mobile phones are considered a necessity. It has made communication a lot more convenient for its users while incorporating modern features that have greatly expanded the device’s functionality. […]

Why Do You Need To Invest In A Smartphone?

Smartphones have become the new standard in the mobile phone industry. Indeed, it has changed the way people communicate or even do business with its many features, depending on which smartphone you opt to get. If you don’t own one yet, you are missing out on a lot of potential benefits you can enjoy, whether […]

Eton FR160B Microlink Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio Review

This self-powered unit can also be run off solar power, it has a flashlight and can even charge a cell phone. One drawback to this product is that the reception isn’t that good however you’ll also not end up spending a lot of cash on this product. But the point that you can charge this […]

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