In Car Electronics — Making the Car More Like the Computer

The majority of cars that are made today are already fitted out with a large number of gadgets, and the engine is controlled by a small computer. Sensors feed back to the computer to tell it how well the engine is running, and whether any problems are happening. Outside of the engine, built into the […]

Preventing the Ear Bud Tangle

Ear buds are a wonderful invention when it comes to having portable yet private music to listen to. Improvements in technology mean that the sound quality from these tiny, in ear music sources is now so good that many people rely entirely on buds, not owning a larger pair of headphones. However the problem with […]

15 Uses For The iPod Or iPhone Beyond The Music

If you’re thinking of buying an iPod Touch then it’s important to know that it has become much more than a simple music player. In fact, there are literally hundreds of things you can do with it – it would be impossible to list them all here! Instead, we’ve put together fifteen unique, practical and […]

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