Top 5 Motion Games for the Wii

Nintendo Wii has been considered to be the pioneer in motion gaming. Released years ahead of the PS Move the Xbox Kinect, the Wiimote controlled console has shown us all how fun and exciting motion gaming can be. Of course, not all Wii games make full use of the motions controls –some games can be […]

Party Games for Nintendo Wii

The Wii is taking the concept of friendly get-togethers into a whole new realm with its motion gaming controls and multiplayer functionalities. Of course, figuring out which titles to go for is not exactly the easiest thing to do –especially when there are hundreds to choose from. Here are four of our most recommended titles […]

Nintendo Wii for Two: Cooperative Games

Everybody loves to talk about the many multiplayer aspects of the Wii, how impressive the system is for entertaining plenty of people and how well it functions for the family in general. But for standard two player games – that is an issue that is often unanswered yet much valued by hardcore players. So today, […]

Tips For Backing Up Your Nintendo Wii Games

Buying Wii game discs can be quite expensive. Indeed, this is something that hardcore Wii fanatics invest a lot of money on. It is therefore an important factor to take into consideration when you are trying to connect your Wii to an external hard drive in order to access the game discs via that particular […]

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