A Couple Of Reasons That Your Playstation 2 Is A Much Better Choice Than The Playstation 3

Do you notice that everyone keeps wanting the newest video games, this especially goes for your kids. The first video gaming system I actually owned was the Atari 2600 and I even now have that model. I remember when I 1st received it on Christmas, and I wasted every waking hour actively playing those games. […]

Sony Playstation Move Motion Controller Review

Sony Move: What Is It and How Do You Use It? Sony Move, otherwise known as Playstation Move, is the newest controller to be used with the Playstation 3. This doesn’t work like a usual controller, however, as it senses the motion of the person playing to then replicate that motion within the game. So […]

Playstation 3 160GB System Review

Playstation 3: Should You Buy the Playstation 3 Slim? This new model, surprisingly, is being sold at a very low price. The earlier versions are much more expensive so you have no excuse for not buying the new one. It is compatible with the games that were paired with the previous models. Here Are Just […]

Your Questions About Playstation Move

Linda asks… Playstation Move……? For my boyfriends birthday I am getting him the Playstation Move, he already has a PS3, do I just need the controller? How much are they and do they come in a set of two or do I have to buy two indiviually? Do I need or should I get the […]

Playstation Move Navigation Controller Review

The basis behind the Playstation Move system is to use the motion controller in conjunction with the camera for an accurate way to measure your movements and replicate them within games. However, for those who want even more accuracy (and more fun!) there are two notable accessories available: the Playstation Move Gun and the Playstation […]

PSP2 Offers A Wide Range of Sophisticated Gaming Options

The gaming industry is always active and there are new games released almost every month. Indeed, there is a boon of gaming lovers out there that are always on the lookout for what are the hottest games in the market. This also explains the popularity of gaming devices out there, such as the PS3, PSX, […]

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