Your Questions About PS Vita Memory Cards

Lisa asks… should i invest money in buying a memory card for the ps vita? I want to buy the 16 gig memory card but it is wayyy expensive…. Is the memory card really a necessity if i want to get the most out of the ps vita when it comes out??? Also what are […]

PS Vita vs PSP – PSP Features We Miss

There is plenty of talk about the Sony’s Next Generation Portable, the PS Vita. The PS Vita is the PSP’s successor. As much as we all would want to call it the PSP2 and Sony’s original name NGP, the name PS Vita is what it finally settled on. And so far, most of Vita’s hardware […]

PS Vita Cards: Yet Another New Media Format!

The PlayStation Vita uses two new flash memory formats to store games and data. The PS Vita Card is used to hold the majority of a game’s data. This is what comes in the packages you would buy from a store. The PS Vita Memory Stick is a small flash memory card that can be […]

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