Electronic Book Reader Comparison

An electronic book reader comparison is the first step for any of us who want to purchase a new gadget. But, with so many devices to choose from, how do you go about finding the right one for you? Here’s a guide to the most important specs to look out for. What Do You Need […]

Skytex Primer Color eReader Review

Skytex Primer Review

As eBook readers become more and more popular, there are now many different options available to suit all kinds of user. The Skytex Primer has been designed for those who don’t just want an eReader: they want a device that can also handle their photos, videos and music files. With a color screen and a […]

Specs To Look Out For In A Digital Streaming Device

Connections   One of the first things you’ll need to check on any digital media device is how it connects to your TV. HDMI ports are pretty much standard on any modern media streamer, so they should be able to connect to any recent HDTV.   What you need to be careful with, however, is […]

The iPad USB Port Question: Does The iPad 2 Include One?

Demand for an iPad USB Port The lack of an iPad USB port has always been an issue with the first release of the iPad. Now, with the release of the iPad 2, many users will be eager to find out whether any USB port is included as part of the design. A New, Sleeker […]

iPad vs. Laptop: Is The iPad Taking Over The World Of Portable Computing?

iPad vs. Laptop Comparison The iPad vs. laptop debate has come a long way since the original iPad model was released. Now, with the release of the improved iPad 2, more and more people are set to get into the world of tablet computers. But can they really replace your laptop? Portability Both laptops and […]

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