Xbox 360 vs Playstation 3

When Microsoft first entered the home console gaming arena with the original Xbox, many felt as if the world famous software developer has lost its marbles. The Xbox was big and bulky. Despite its obviously powerful hardware capabilities, many gamers used to Nintendo and Sony’s consoles felt that the cumbersome device was nothing more than […]

Fixing Common Playstation 3 Problems

The Sony Playstation 3 is a powerful home console, and its hardware it still among the best that technology can offer despite the fact that it has been out for at least two years. And as one would expect from a system this powerful and complicated, issues and problems are bound to happen. While some […]

Playstation 3 Special Edition Games

Special edition games come in all shapes and sizes. If you have been to a game store, it would be easy to spot these games. They come in big boxes with specially designed game art. They are a marked with tons of text and descriptions of the freebies they contain. The price tags are higher […]

PS3 Backwards Compatibility With the Slim Upgrade

The PS3 Slim backwards compatibility issue – the fact that it simply isn’t compatible with old PS2 titles – has raised a lot of questions  with potential buyers of the console. Is this still the right console for you, even if you can’t play your old PS2 games? The History of Backwards Compatibility in the […]

How To Upgrade Your PS3 Into A 3D System

The Sony PlayStation 3 is one of the fastest selling game consoles when it came out. Its closest competition is the Microsoft Xbox 360, but the former offers a more comprehensive range of gaming features that make gamers prefer it over its competitors. After all, Sony has been dedicated to incorporating innovative gaming technologies into […]

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